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You’ll Soon Be Able to Talk to Your Dead Mom In the Metaverse Thanks to ChatGPT

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(Photo courtesy of Somnium Space)

The founder of a top metaverse company says ChatGPT’s rapid development has pushed the timeline of his most ambitious and wacky project by years. In an interview with Motherboard, Somnium Space’s Artur Sychov said that users are beginning to integrate his OpenAI chatbot into their metaverse, “live foreverMode, Sychov’s project allows people to preserve the way they speak, move and sound after death, allowing them to return from the dead as online avatars and talk to relatives.

Inspired to develop the “Live Forever” mode after his father’s death, Sychov said: first explained the project On the motherboard in April last year. At the time, he predicted it would be available within five years. Now, with recent advances in artificial intelligence, he expects it will be only a few more years before people can converse with virtual reality robots without realizing they are not real people. “AI is advancing very quickly, honestly faster than we expected,” he said Sychov.

Unlike other metaverse projects, Somnium Space is already fully compatible with virtual reality headsets for an immersive 3D experience. The metaverse gives users great autonomy to build and create their own objects and experiences.

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It wasn’t Sychov who applied the ChatGPT API to the world of Somnium, but Artific, one of the users of the Metaverse, who built different worlds in Somnium Space, part of his space, and developed his own online experience. are on loan to other people who are DataMr. Artific, who has been involved in his science, has long been skeptical of artificial intelligence, but ChatGPT. I tried. A moment of revelation came when Artific asked his ChatGPT how to integrate his ChatGPT into his Somnium Space. The virtual robot provided a rough plan of attack, which Artific fine-tuned and finalized. “It blew my mind,” he said.

AI robots are still in development, but they can already learn and retain information in context through conversations. In other words, online robots have some version of “short-term memory.” “Even if you leave this world and come back, she will remember what you said,” Artific said. “Of course, there’s still a lot of progress to be made. But it’s already working that way.”

During a Zoom call on Monday night, Sychov conversed with an artificial intelligence-powered avatar in front of reporters on motherboards. Some of the virtual robot answers were pretty rote, but “Hi, how are you doing. How can I help you today?”—Where is it (“OMG Multiverse Lobby”) , what did you see (“All around me is a lobby, a bar, some arcade games, a variety of drivable vehicles, and a beautiful view of the Earth from space.” You look fashionable .”

Screenshot 2023-01-31 at 3.00.50 PM.png

Artur Sychov of Somnium Space talks to an AI-powered virtual robot powered in part by ChatGPT.

According to Sychov, the next step is to find a way to properly store all data records. This is what virtual AI robots need to converse and sift through data at a natural human speed. it compiled. For all challenges, implementing artificial intelligence may be easier in the metaverse than in the real world. Because there is an enormous amount of data that the robot can ingest. “It’s the perfect conditions for AI because it can learn instantly from any digital object,” he said Sychov. This is an advantage compared to the real world, where artificial intelligence has difficulty interpreting the many images and experiences that make up life.

The possibilities of integrating AI into Somnium Space go beyond talking to your deceased mother. They said they could change the personality of AI robots based on whether they wanted an optimistic robot or one with a dry sense of humor. Sychov also believes the technology will allow AI to paint walls blue or build flowerbeds online by simply asking. No coding required. “This is not decades away,” he said. It could be two years, “maybe sooner,” he said.

In what could be a harbinger of things to come, Artific had already installed multiple virtual employees in its Metaverse office. When I asked about virtual robots, Sychov was quick to respond. he joked. Artific said, “Oh, they are happy to work here. You can ask her. We treat them well,” Sychov added.

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