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Would You Like To See The New ‘Forza Motorsport’ In VR?

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IGN I posted a pretty long detailed dive on everything Gran Turismo 7 VRon the eve of a huge update to the game that will make Sony’s racers fully compatible PSVR2Of course, it’s a PlayStation-exclusive racing series that’s been around since the dawn of the brand, but seeing this preview really got me thinking about Xbox. Forzaand what the VR partnership between the two will bring.

As we all know, Xbox hasn’t properly entered the VR space yet. This lack of movement is perhaps even more surprising given that its fiercest competitor, Sony, has been working on Virtual His Reality for almost seven years at this point since PSVR’s launch. Gran Turismo 7 It looks like it will be a really strong asset heading into the launch of the new PS5 headset, so should Xbox consider making something similar?

This technology certainly makes sense in 2023. PSVR and Gran Turismo Sportthe headset could only summon the bonus mode at much lower fidelity – it felt more like a gimmicky experience than a full game. It’s safe to assume that the new Xbox Series X can handle a similar load. forza motorsport.

But as we know Xbox has yet to develop a VR headset and seems reluctant to do so, or forge all sorts of partnerships for third-party variants on consoles. However, things are a little different for PCs. No first-party options yet, but Microsoft is partnering with other manufacturers such as Meta for Xbox Cloud Gaming’s recent Quest 2 integration.And Meta Quest 2’s Air Link feature is a great way to play Forza Motorsport in VR on PC. Already used. Microsoft Flight Simulatorfor example.

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