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WIN a proof copy of Let’s Play Murder by Kesia Lupo

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This post is sponsored by Bloomsbury.

Kesia Lupo’s blockbuster new YA thriller, full of twists that will make you question everything you think you know, from page one to last. Let’s Play Murderis a locked-room virtual reality murder mystery perfect for fans of Good Girl’s Guide to Murder When squid gameTo celebrate the release of this dangerously addictive book, we are giving away three exclusive early proofs.

Video games are more murderous than ever.

Veronica wakes up with four strangers trapped in a sprawling mansion in a snowstorm with a mysterious corpse from an Agatha Christie novel. She feels so real, but she’s not. This is VR, this is gaming. Rumored Easter eggs hidden in other VR games draw you into a race for prizes beyond your wildest dreams. You can’t escape the world of VR until you win the game.

But while Veronica and her fellow players are trying to solve the puzzle, something isn’t right in the VR world. Blackouts, glitches, erratic NPC behavior, and a mysterious figure haunting your footprints. Then all hell breaks loose when the player dies and also dies in real life.

Without warning, the game we thought Veronica was playing is shrouded in a much darker and more real mystery: who is killing us?

It may not be the game Veronica wanted to play, but it’s the game she has to win.

to enter to obtain a certified copy of Let’s Play Murder For Kesia Lupo, follow the instructions in the tweet below. Good luck!

get a copy of Let’s Play Murder Keshia Lupo here.

terms and conditions
1. No purchase required. Purchasing does not increase your odds of winning.
2. This giveaway is open to UK residents only.
3. This giveaway starts on Wednesday, February 1st at 17:30 and ends on Wednesday, December 15th at 21:00.
4. Three (3) winners will be randomly selected from all applicable entries. Prize consists of 1 copy of his proof of Let’s Play Murder by Kesia Lupo. Prizes have no monetary value and there are no alternative prizes.
5. Winners will be contacted via Twitter direct message @unitedbypop after the campaign ends. Winners must provide United By Pop and Bloomsbury with their full name and mailing address in order to receive their prize. If a winner does not do so within her 24 hours after being contacted, the winner will forfeit the prize and a new winner will be selected.
6. United By Pop is not responsible for prizes lost or damaged in transit. Prizes may take up to 90 days to arrive.
7. This giveaway is sponsored by Bloomsbury, but is not sponsored or affiliated with Instagram or Facebook.

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