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What’s ‘In’ and What’s ‘Out’ for 2023? See the List!

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The end of a big year has come for animals. OUR ACHIEVEMENTS IN 2022 is a transfer of 4,000 dogs imprisoned in the beagle-bred hellhole Envigo in a safe and loving home, and Debut of new virtual reality experience ‘Abduction’ 2023 on college campuses across the US California fur ban effective January 1and PETA confirms that the year continues to be strong.

A lot has changed in 2022. We are here to commemorate them in our annual tradition. PETA’s 2023 “Ins” and “Outs” list tells you what’s happening.

out of
Is Elon Musk in charge of Twitter? Experiment yourself instead
Adidas shoes by Kanye West Vegan style that looks great
HelloFresh Monkey Labor A primate sanctuary where monkeys rest
movie set animals CG, visual effects
Lindsay Lohan proposes ‘pilk’ Ask Starbucks to lower prices for plant-based milk
Buying the Brand’s “Responsible Down Standard” Lie Feather-free warm bedding for restful sleep
Share AI selfies with strangers online Share AR leaflets, flyers and signs
Bitcoin, virtual currency, NFT Investing in Nature, Protecting Bees
Buy a ‘pure-bred’ dog that can’t breathe Hybrid adoption, helping shelters in need
Pope Blesses Meaty COP27 Catholics become vegans to enter heaven
A horse-drawn carriage driving through a crowded city street The number of vegan restaurants has increased
Dreaming of Humanity’s Future on Mars respect other species of earthlings
A donkey used as a fleet at a tourist spot by tram or by foot
Experimental monkey grabbed from a tree study about you and me
dolphins in a small pool let go to swim at school

I have 2023 in my bag.

I’m going to crush it for animals this year. Buy from companies that do not test on animals, eat vegan, wear veganrefuses to assist the facility exploit animals for entertainment, spread the animal-friendly spirit by encouraging others to do the same. To start the year off right, freedom Vegan starter kit now!

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