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We finally know how Apple’s VR headset could handle video

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Since the first rumors surfaced that Apple was working on something mixed reality headset, it is assumed that immersive video will become a key feature of the device. But I haven’t been able to find out exactly how this works — until now.

That’s because Apple patented (USPTO No. 11570417) details how users can view video content while wearing a headset called Reality Pro. And that patent presents an interesting system that may have uses beyond simple video.

Ahmed Chenni, Freelancer.com

The patent describes how the headset considers the position of the user’s head and displays content based on that position. As the user’s head and eyes move (for example, when they turn left or tilt their head down), the headset’s viewport changes accordingly.

The effect is like looking through a window, showing different segments of a larger screen based on where your eyes fall. Apple’s patent uses the metaphor of the headset user being surrounded by the earth, and the current viewport represents his one segment of that earth.

According to Apple’s patent, the system allows Reality Pro to learn where the user is looking and increase the fidelity of the video in that area while rendering less graphic-intensive content around the user’s peripheral vision. It is described as visible. This saves processing power and may extend the battery life of your headset.

A clever idea with many uses

An image from an Apple patent showing a person wearing a mixed reality headset. This image shows how the user's viewport changes as they move their head.

Other uses for this technology include adjusting resolution and bitrate depending on where the user is looking, or adding content to a buffer based on the headset predicting where the user will look next. includes doing.

Besides video, this system also works well for: virtual reality games, adding a new level of immersion. For example, as your character moves around, you can look left or right, and the headset will adjust both the content displayed and its visual fidelity accordingly.

This is a clever idea and reminds me of what I’ve heard before. In January 2022, display industry analyst Ross Young explained that Reality Pro is available. 3 display panels: two for frontal gaze and one for peripheral vision. The peripheral panel runs at a lower resolution and is slightly blurry to help you focus on the screen in front.

A rendering of four Apple mixed reality headsets (Reality Pro) in different colors placed on a surface.
Ahmed Chenni, Freelancer.com

By the way, the patent contains drawings of a headset similar to the rumored design. It also shows the strap that goes across the top of the person’s head, which is not visible in many renderings (if present). However, the illustration is only an example, so don’t read too much into it.

Apple’s upcoming headsets are believed to be high-end devices packed with advanced technology, including high-definition displays, hand-eye tracking, and both virtual and augmented reality capabilities. However, the technology comes at a high cost — rumored to be $3,000.

Reality Pro is special spring event Sponsored by Apple. With just a few months to a reported release date, expectations are high for the headset. You will know after expensive flopas some have warned.

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