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VR Parkour Gunner STRIDE Is Getting A Full Campaign in 2023 — GameTyrant

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Joyway recently announced that the popular multiplayer VR parkour run and gunner will receive a full campaign in 2023. edge of the mirror virtual reality fantasies stride, An engaging VR title that combines fast free-running and shootouts. Check out the full campaign trailer!

Current, stride Now fully playable on Meta Quest, Meta Quest 2, PlayStation VR and Steam. Players can roam the rooftops of a bustling metropolis while fending off enemy threats in stylish combat. Check out the full Steam instructions.

“STRIDE is an energetic parkour adventure in virtual reality. Fight for your life as you sprint across the rooftops of a futuristic metropolis. Step in. Multiplayer is now available!”

STRIDE currently supports 3 single player modes in its current state.

  • Endless Mode – Endless level generation offers an unlimited number of challenging terrains. Jump over incredibly wide gaps and land jumps, perform insane wall runs, slide under barriers and swing between buildings to increase your score. There is no turning back and no time to stop. The world is rapidly collapsing behind you. Oh, and did I mention there’s a sniper lurking on the roof?In the air he pulls out 9mm and picks them up as he glides through gaps between buildings.

  • Time Run Mode – Compete for the top spot on the leaderboard. Speed ​​is everything in Time Run mode. A terrain will appear in front of you, and you will have to visualize your route on the fly and perform each move accurately.

  • Arena Mode – Arena Mode takes you to a spacious section of the city’s rooftops, without the pressure of a creeping barrier behind you. Although you have complete freedom of movement within this complex high-rise ‘arena’, you will be challenged with a variety of tasks. Examples include finding and collecting specific items, completing a given route within a time limit, stealing items without being spotted by snipers, or simply defeating all enemies! Arena mode makes you feel like you’re in a real city, so enjoy the scenery…but be careful not to die.

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