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Virtual Ventures sends players into virtual reality landscape for escape rooms, survival games and more

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When it comes to virtual reality games, the number one rule is that you shouldn’t lean against the surfaces you see in the game.

Virtual Ventures owner Michael Elliott reminds his customers of this every time they step into a digital escape room or zombie apocalypse survival game, but after people keep tripping over trying to lean, he says: I still had to turn off the virtual basketball arcade machine. On a machine that didn’t really exist.

“Being completely immersed, your brain kind of tricks you into believing everything is real,” Elliott said. “I always have to warn people. Don’t lean against walls, counters, or anything else because you’ll fall.”

Just over six months after opening the brick-and-mortar store, Elliot said Virtual Ventures has taken off more quickly than expected.

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Reservations are required at 1730 Wilkes Ave., Davenport, Wednesday-Friday 5-10 PM, Saturday-Sunday 11-10 PM. Virtual Ventures offers escape rooms, laser tag, survival games and more, all in virtual reality.

Time can be booked at Virtual Ventures website and by phone.

After arriving on time and having a safety tutorial with Elliot, customers head to the “Arena”. This is a spatially empty room designed to allow virtual reality software to read where they are in the room and game them as they are. playing. Then put on your headset and hand controllers and set off to find clues, escape zombies, or defend your objective.

Elliott hopes to switch from controllers to clothing-based gear such as gloves in the future. I’m here.

So far, Escape Room and Hero Zone software games have been the most popular with young people and adults, according to Elliott.

“We have escape room enthusiasts… we drive up to two hours just to try escape rooms and such,” Elliot said.

Virtual Ventures began as a mobile unit, setting up equipment and tents for parties and events upon customer reservation. According to Elliott, it was clear that a permanent space would help the business grow.

The virtual reality gaming center was one of the first to move into the recently renovated former Johnson Elementary School building in May 2022, and he and his wife Jessica Elliott, friends and volunteers spent six weeks , created the perfect space for the people who want it. Play in the digital space.

“Everybody kept asking where we were, so I said, ‘Well, let’s open up a place,'” Elliot said.

Elliott will continue to operate mobile units for conventions, shows and private parties as needed, but most of the business is now stationary.

Growing up, going to school and now a resident of the West side of Davenport, Elliott is happy to bring the business to the area. .

“I’ve been a West ender for a long time. It’s nice to bring something to the West because everything is always so far away and nothing here,” Elliot said.

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