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Valve Possibly Prepping For a New “VR Device”, Receives Certification in South Korea

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Valve’s next entrant in the VR industry is highly anticipated amongst fans, given that the Valve Index was well received. It is now being reported that a new “Valve Hardware’ has been certified in South Korea, indicating that the company is indeed prepping for the next step in VR.

The VR expert Brad Lynch disclosed the RRA (Radio Research Agency) certification on Twitter, with Valve applying for certification for a new ‘1030’ hardware. While it isn’t confirmed that the certification is based on Valve’s next VR device, the analysis is made based on the fact that the details mentioned in the certification match the ones of the Meta Quest 3 and HTC VIVE XR Elite; hence, it could be said that Valve is preparing to release something in that domain, especially since they said not long ago that a proper Deck 2 device wouldn’t be released until the hardware improvement was significant.

The hopes of a new VR device from Valve were reignited last year when the company’s Product Designer Greg Coomer interviewed with the Korean outlet This Is Game, claiming that the device is indeed in development:

There isn’t much (laughter). Nevertheless, I can definitely say that we are continuing to develop VR headsets recently. Valve has a lot of expertise in VR devices and has faith in the medium and VR games.

We hope to remain open on PC platforms rather than having VR games exclusively on a certain platform. While adhering to this belief, we are continuing development.

However, we cannot confirm the existence of specific products or disclose the release date of the results. The same applies to game projects being developed internally. There are certainly many projects underway, but we cannot announce anything today.

-Greg Coomer via This Is Game (Automated Translation)

Now, going down memory lane, every VR enthusiast remembers the Valve Index, which opened new doorways into the industry. The device was considered an industry benchmark and undoubtedly an iconic release. However, Valve has been quiet when discussing the next iteration of its VR devices, but rumors have suggested that the device could be named “Valve Deckard.” Moreover, it is speculated that the VR device could have the ability to work standalone and wirelessly, meaning that the headset will have everything incorporated into it.

Image Credits: Valve’s Patent Document

If Valve wants to make a dominant impression in the VR industry, it must realize that this domain has greatly changed since the Valve Index. Innovations in the form of standalone VR products, along with add-on accessories, have made the market competitive. Hence, the company’s next iteration could only succeed if the company goes all out regarding software and hardware support. Moreover, with the release of Apple’s Vision Pro AR headset, the industry will experience a dramatic shift in favor of the Cupertino giant, given its vast PR experience.

However, we hope to see them release a new VR device soon as it could shake up the otherwise stagnant VR market. An official announcement may be made in the upcoming months, given today’s certification.

News Source: Brad Lynch

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