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Update your Pimax Crystal! It adds free eye-tracking and access to an exciting beta

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I’m going to share with you a small experiment that I did awhile back. I was with a bunch of techie friends — half of which were not really into VR — and once I raised the Vision Pro, I asked what were the three things that Apple showcased that impressed them the most?

Answers I got:

  1. AR workspaces
  2. Advanced Eye-tracking
  3. Reliable controler-less navigation

And I can completely agree with the results. Because if anything can place the Vision Pro among the best VR headsets, its ease of use and offering a unique experience. As someone really into AR, let me tell you: you can’t really get something similar to what Apple showed us in that trailer anywhere else. Trust me, I barfed for that statement.

But I believe that this goes beyond simple impressions too. I think that the mere showcase of the features mentioned above have tilted the industry in a different direction. And I think that updates like the one that the Pimax Crystal just got, prove that.

The Crystal launched earlier this summer with the hefty price tag of $1,599 and given how focused Pimax is on making the most impressive VR experience possible, is it any wonder that the headset has received a lot of support?

I mean, it even has a faceplate that helps you with full body tracking in VR.

But, if you want to be the best like Pimax does, taking care of your high-end product post-launch goes beyond releasing new trinkets that upgrade it. It extends to impressive software updates and one such has just gone live.

The Crystal now supports eye tracking, with the help of Tobii — a company that gathers what your eyes gravitate towards and then asks the question why. The same tech powers Dynamic Foveated Rendering (DFR) too, which is basically a means to let Crystal users get access to more VR experiences and games.

The best part? You just need to update your headset’s firmware. No need to attach any costly accessories or even make manual adjustments to the hardware. The Crystal comes pre-prepped with the ability to auto-IPD its way to a high comfort level, especially attuned to your eyes.

Not only that, but with the same firmware update, Pimax are granting users the ability to join the Standalone beta. And by that, I mean the Standalone mode of the headset, which, as of now, offers the following activities:

  • Whirligig VR Media Player
  • X-Fitness
  • Pierhead Arcade 2
  • Labyrinth Trap VR
  • Z Show
  • Voxel Fly
  • Frog & Froggie
  • OpenBrush
  • Hitstream (soon)
  • David Slade Mysteries: Case Files (soon)
  • First Person Tennis (soon)

This is probably the most content-rich update that has graced the Pimax Crystal. If eye-tracking is as precise and strain-free as the company suggests, this will be a major reason to consider the Crystal as your VR daily driver.

And, that, in turn, may have happened — at least partially — thanks to the Vision Pro’s reveal. Imagine that!

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