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Unparalleled +100% Presale Gains Has Oryen Stakeholders Drawing Similarities to early Tamadoge and Dogecoin

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A lot of cryptostars broke out last year. Tokens of all kinds were glorious and it was an incredible time to invest. Two of his most prominent success stories of the time were DOGE and TAMA, who showed the difference a loyal social media following can make to cryptocurrency investing.

But today’s investments are a little more complicated. It’s not as easy as picking a memecoin and expecting it to be the moon. I need research, I need power. As such, ORY’s amazing pre-sale action is starting to gain widespread attention. It has already increased by 100% before its official launch, and experts believe its growth is just beginning. It may be one of the key investments for a portfolio that can outlast bear markets and thrive into the future. Here’s why:

Oryen (ORY) presale gains allow analysts to draw parallels to previous cryptocurrency successes.

Oryen’s early gains should be seen even stronger than last year’s memecoin star. Rather than jumping on the hype wagon, this is a mooning when almost all other tokens are struggling. ORY has created its own hype thanks to a variety of very strong fundamentals and the best cryptocurrency credentials many experts have ever seen.

One of those experts Jim Crypthe believes ORY could continue to benefit investors over the coming months.

With ORY you have everything you need to take your portfolio to the next level. A simple passive income gain that does not require staking or management, and his APY, the strongest in business history. 90% large APY without the hassle associated with other “passive” income options. Unlike other crypto spaces, ORY yields are completely passive and are paid directly to your wallet every hour. ORY is your chance, so check it out if you don’t want to miss out on another breakout star.

Tamadog (TAMA) still has potential

Experts believe TAMA has many of the qualifications needed to succeed in the current bear market. While it may not have the same passive income potential and sheer ease of use that ORY offers, the unique NFT pet play-to-earning platform brings the fun back to cryptocurrency. There is still room for TAMA to gain more momentum in the market, so it may be worth investing in at the current discounted price.

Dogecoin investors may see better ROI elsewhere

Dogecoin was the star of last year’s bull market. It may have struggled a bit since then, but it still has potential thanks to the most prominent social media presence ever seen in cryptocurrencies, relying on a huge fanbase of loyal followers. You can. I’m starting to realize that there are more profit potential.


TAMA and DOGE have already proven that they can reach higher price points, so these tokens still have an advantage. and we believe there is still time to invest before it rises further.

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