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Twitch Streamer CodeMiko Shows Off Impressive Tech That She Uses in Her Streams

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In a recent stream, Twitch Streamer and VTuber CodeMiko showcased some of the impressive augmented reality techniques she uses on a regular basis.

Over the past few years, one of the biggest trends in the streaming world has been the emergence and explosion of popularity of both streamers, VTubers. Cramps And YouTube uses virtual avatars instead of the typical face cam.Many VTubers Ironmouse has become one of the most successful creators On their platform, Ironmouse became Twitch’s most subscribed female streamer earlier this year, and agencies like Hololive have become popular names in the streaming world. One of the most widely known creators of these talents is Code Miko.

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CodeMiko became very popular in 2021 in the wake of the VTuber boom, making Streamer one of Twitch’s most popular talents. Her success on her streaming platform has helped creators extend content beyond Twitch and YouTube. Revival of the popular gaming TV network G4 Last year, she received praise from several media outlets for her innovative content. Currently, a clip from one of CodeMiko’s recent streams shows some of the impressive hardware Streamer uses to bring her character to life.

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Clips taken from recent streams Augmented reality technology CodeMiko shows an AR camera used during streaming and working through a device attached to the glove. The striking AR glove gives Miko the freedom to move the camera as if she were operating a real camera, and the software captures all her movements and facial movements. The streamer also shows some uses for free cameras. You can also take a picture of your character on Instagram and show off the virtual space created for your character.

CodeMiko’s impressive stream settings apply to the high end of the VTuber industry, where it’s becoming easier for beginners to put themselves in. The 2020 VTuber boom, followed by the growing popularity of talents such as Hololive’s Gawr Gura and Ironmouse, has attracted many developers. Users who easily create VTuber models For their own character. The big trend has even seen famous streamers like Pokimane and LilyPichu try VTubing following their great success.

CodeMiko’s success as a VTuber is only part of the streaming industry, with a significant increase in virtual avatars in recent years, with many VTubers attracting hundreds of thousands of subscribers.This trend is Disney and Sega tries to turn their iconic mascot Characters like Sonic the Hedgehog and Tales will make their debut in these roles and appear on VTubers. CodeMiko’s striking setup serves as the pinnacle of a fast-growing industry that continues to evolve as VTubers become more synonymous. Cramps And the whole world of streaming.

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