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Tiny Pacific Island-Country to Become World’s First Digital Nation

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After telling COP27 that it was time to consider other options for the country’s survival, Tuvalu’s foreign minister, Simon Kofe, said: announced On Tuesday, he revealed that his country is on its way to becoming the first digitized country in the Metaverse, an online domain that uses augmented and virtual reality to connect users.

“Islands like these cannot withstand rapid temperature rise, sea level rise, and drought, so we will replicate them virtually,” says Kofe.

Located between Australia and Hawaii, Tuvalu has long been affected by climate change. Rising sea levels threaten to inundate the small Pacific island nation and her 12,000 citizens.

At high tide, up to 40% of the capital district is submerged. By the end of this century, the entire country is expected to be completely submerged.

“Our land, seas and culture are our people’s most valuable assets, and we are migrating them to the cloud to protect them from harm no matter what happens in the physical world. increase.” Coffet Said In his COP27 video address, he virtually recreated an islet that is endangered by rising sea levels.

Coffe has captured the attention of the world COP26 last year When he addressed a conference while knee-deep in water to demonstrate Tuvalu’s vulnerability to climate change.

“The world has not acted since COP26, so those of us in the Pacific have had to act. The Future Now project had to take its own precautions. As time passes, we will have no choice but to become the world’s first digital nation,” Tuvalu’s foreign minister told COP27.

Cofe predicts that as their territories disappear, more nations will be forced to integrate into the Metaverse.

“We have to start [taking action] today. Otherwise, for the rest of our lives, Tuvalu will only exist here,” he added.

nevertheless The island nation of Barbados and the city of Seoul Both announced last year that they would enter the Metaverse to provide administrative and consular services. Tuvalu will be the first country to replicate itself in the Metaverse.

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