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This VR gas mask can actually take your breath away

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Is there anything too immersive about VR? In some cases this may be where we have to draw a line.Austrian researcher Salzburg University of Applied Sciences Custom accessories for Metaquest 2 VR headset called AirRes mask Use breathing to provide a more realistic immersive feeling in virtual reality.

The design itself is a bit rough on the edges, with strange gimmicks and wires sticking out. It’s a very prototype. The technology behind the AirRes Mask takes feedback from breathing and transforms it into the world of VR today. On the other hand, you can use VR scenarios to limit your breathing and get a terrifying level of immersiveness.

The AirRes mask can use or limit your breathing. Salzburg University of Applied Sciences

Breathing in VR — The Researcher at Salzburg University We focused on some practical applications on their device and showed it in a video. The demo shows an accessory used to blow out the candles on a birthday cake, hold your breath, point the gun at it to stabilize it, and use your breath to determine the weight of the item.

The same technique can also be used to make breathing difficult in certain scenarios. For example, in the case of a simulated fire that makes you feel like you are inhaling smoke. It’s not always comfortable, but restricting breathing actually means immersing yourself in a high-risk VR scenario.

Who wants to feel drowned or choked in VR? To be fair, accessories may prove to be a practical tool for training purposes, such as simulating a new firefighter’s fire. For VR gaming applications, you can make FPS games a bit more realistic because you need to control your breathing in order to aim your gun in a shootout.

The future of VR — This accessory is a clear breakthrough in what the future of VR will look like.I have already seen Tactile gloves From meta Tactile vest,Furthermore KatWalk VR treadmill.. In that sense, this gas mask is just the next step in transforming more realistic data points into a virtual world.

Consumers may not be able to buy this mask in the near future. I haven’t heard of any VR companies that have incorporated this technology. Moreover, consumers may not be ready to bind the entire secondary contradiction to their face. Still, this type of VR accessory has the potential to pave the way for a more robust and immersive VR world. It has all the pros and cons.

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