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The Time is Right For a New Sony Handheld

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We know Sony has a lot going for it, with the PS5 being a fast-selling PlayStation console and a cutting-edge new PlayStation VR headset launching just a few weeks away.But in all of this, Sony seems to have forgotten about handhelds, which makes me sad. , currently handheld games are TRUE I’d like to make it bigger again and give Sony another try.

The Nintendo Switch was a big hit. Analogue Pocket sold out quickly. Steam Deck is so popular that all of the first-party PlayStation games that Sony has ported to Steam, including God of War, Spider-Man, Days Gone, Horizon, Sack Boy, Miles Morales, and Uncharted, all run on Valve’s portable hardware. It has been confirmed to work with hardware. So they’re all basically handheld game consoles. PlayStation recently partnered with a company called Backbone to create a DualSense-themed controller grip for the iPhone with the specific purpose of playing PS5 games remotely.

Sony is again on the precipice of handheld gaming. Nintendo consolidated its handheld and console pillars into the Switch five years before him, so it no longer has to compete with the DS and 3DS systems. I haven’t seen Nintendo either, so now is the chance for Sony! The PSP sold his 80 million units and the Vita about 16 units. But for some reason, it’s the PlayStation VR that the sequel is coming to, even though the initial sales number was only his 5 million. come! Let’s make a handheld system again!

Some of my favorite PlayStation memories happened with the PlayStation handheld. The PSP did wonders with JRPGS, puzzle games, GTA, Metal Gear, and more. Vita had Uncharted, Tearaway, Guacamelee, Gravity Rush, Spelunky, Hotline Miami. you name it Even the PSP Go…was weird..but I bought it and loved it.

With my head buried in the intense Returnal run on the Vita 2, I want to travel the world without watching

I’m happy Sony gave VR a second chance, but now that lockdown is over, I want to take my PlayStation games everywhere. With my head buried in his intense Returnal run on the Vita 2, New Super PSP and more, I want to travel the world.

PS5 is a big hit. PSVR2 is out soon and hasn’t sold out yet, but pre-orders seem decent, especially considering the price. Clear skies for the new PlayStation handhelds. Do it, Sony. do it for the world Do it for PlayStation. under.

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