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The Morning After: A look at Canon’s new R6-II

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Canon’s EOS R6 was a great camera, but it had one fatal flaw. It was regularly overheating as it could not hold the temperature. Two years later, Canon released a successor that helped restore its reputation after such a high-profile error. EOS R6 Mark II You get a higher resolution 24.2 megapixel sensor, faster shooting speeds, and better low-light performance.

Steve Dent spent some time filming the R6-II prototype and has a lot to say in his in-depth article. Canon has eliminated many of the heat issues, improved efficiency, and increased the amount of time his 4K video can be shot in a single burst. His articles are full of exciting things to read. It’s clear that it’s getting a lot of camera fans excited for its launch later this year.

– Dan Cooper

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sony is Announced the next-generation VR headset, PS VR2, will debut on February 22, 2023. The company also announced pricing. That’s $550 worth of audible range, above the price of a PlayStation 5 at retail. It’s not a deluxe version either.If you want a version of a flagship VR title Horizon Call of the Mountain, will be $600. To add another cost-based insult to injury, plus he can’t get a charging station for his controller unless he pays $50. Oooooh.

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Even if you do it yourself.

For years, T-Mobile advertised itself as a “non-carrier.” This is the business of not paying additional arbitrary fees just because it is possible. Naturally, there are hints that the network introduces. $35 fee for all new postpaid activations and upgradesPreviously, stores would only charge you if you needed help from T-Mobile staff, but this seems to apply even if you did everything yourself. It definitely leaves you wondering how quickly the operator intends to ruin its reputation as a customer-focused network.

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This was inevitable.

Image of Xiaomi 12S Concept with Leica lens


Many companies have tried to weld high-end cameras directly to smartphones (Panasonic, Samsung, Nokia come to mind). Now Xiaomi is trying to do the same. A unique twist on the flagship 12S Ultra smartphoneThe concept phone has a mount for Leica’s interchangeable M lenses and sits on top of a 1-inch, 50.3-megapixel sensor. It’s only a concept device at the moment, but it’s sure to catch the attention of professional photographers looking to reduce the weight of their bags.

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It’s not that low.

Image of DJI's Mavic 3 Classic


DJI’s Mavic 3 is a great drone, but it’s also very expensive, which may explain the enduring appeal of the old, cheap Mavic 2 Pro. We would like to address this by lowering the Mavic 3 Classic Pricing starts at $1,469, and for that money you can get the drone by itself, or you can pay a little more and get the remote control and charger. Whether users upgrade or it just makes flagships look cheap in comparison.

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