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Take your pick: Fall date night at AREA15

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Inside AREA15 is a vast world of unique experiences, events and an unparalleled food and beverage programme, all converging in a series of unforgettable fall date nights for couples. Whatever your mood or who your suitor is, use this guide to plan your next date.

for gamers

What better way to bond than with games? A little competitive fire is good for relationships.

• Emporium: This 21+ arcade features old and new games, a full bar, and nightly live music and events. Check the calendar before going.

• Particle Quest: Particle Quest is a free-roaming AR experience that lets you explore and play in stunning worlds.

• Hayley’s Comet: Fly around the heart of AREA15 on this zip line and go on a date in the Duel Track Glider.

tech date

Do you want to impress your tech buddies? Tech gal? Consider these date options.

• Illuminarium: An enveloping, reality-bending experience, Illuminarium uses cutting-edge technology to take you deep into space, on a safari in the Serengeti and beyond. It’s also the perfect place to enjoy a date with a cocktail in hand while enjoying the rich scenery.

• LIKE A BIRD: Imagine flying with the wind under your wings and exploring the landscape from above. Birdly is a bird’s-eye flight simulator that brings your imagination (virtual) to life.

foodie date

A “typical” dinner date? Not these options.

• The Beast: Four-time James Beard Award winner Todd English presents the best barbecue at The Beast.

• Lost Spirits Tasting Menu: Dinner, Show, Distillery? Lost Spirits does it all, and the tasting menu just might be the ultimate AREA15 stop for hardcore foodies.

• Emac & Bolio’s: End the night with an ice cream cone.


Whether you’re a content creator, influencer or art lover, you’ll find every eye-catching shot imaginable through AREA15’s range of experiences. I especially like these.

• Wink World: Dubbed ‘Psychedelic Art House meets Carnival Funhouse’, Wink World was created by Chris Wink, one of the three co-founders of the Blue Man Group. It’s a layered multimedia experience like no other.

• Museum Fiasco: This aptly named experience is an immersive audiovisual museum for seeing, hearing and feeling.

Sporty DUO

Now that the seasons are changing and Las Vegas is (finally) getting chilly, it’s time to bring your sporty dates indoors and try something new.

• Five Iron Golf: Enjoy the perfect drive in this urban golf experience featuring an industry-leading golf simulator and full bar.

• Ax Duel: This gorgeous ax throwing experience may become your new favorite bar sport.

• AR Dodgeball: Is there anything better than playing? Explore your inner child with your date playing AR Dodgeball.

cocktail lovers

• SECRET MENU: There are QR codes hidden all over AREA15 (watch out for the colorful leaves). Scan the code to unlock the Oddwood Bar’s secret cocktail menu. Make a game out of it with your date.

• Omega Mart’s Datamosh Bar: Hidden in the wild world of Omega Mart is a bar serving mysterious and exclusive cocktails.

• Lost Spirits: Two words: rum tasting.

• Liftoff Bar & Ride: Liftoff is a slowly moving observation tower boasting the best panoramic views of the city. Also, the Liftoff lounge helps you soak up before heading there.


While any of the activities in this guide can be enjoyed alone, they are specifically aimed at nurturing your most important relationships.

• Yoga & Wellness: AREA15’s Radiance program offers a full range of wellness experiences, including mocktails at the Oddwood Bar, but the Yoga & Wellness class with resident yogi Dray Gardner deserves special mention.

• Frequency Breathwork: Have you ever explored extraordinary states of consciousness with just your breath? If not, it’s time to step into the incredible world of breathwork.

• Wild Muse: Specializing in unique festival supplies, Wild Muse also carries dreamy, eco-friendly health and wellness products from local and international creators. treat yourself.

music lover date

Whether it’s concert series, DJ events, festivals, or live music at Block Party, the music options are endless. Check the calendar for the full rotating roster of events.

25% off for locals

Consider Monday date night with 25% off select experiences with a local ID.

experience pass

Second date or double date with an experience pass!

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