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SWCA 2022: 5 Highlights from ILMxLAB’s Making of Tales from the Galaxy’s Edge Panel

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The team behind the virtual reality experience talks about stories, Yoda, and more.

ILMxLAB takes you behind the scenes at Batuu!and Star Wars Celebration Anaheim 2022Moderator Holly Frey, led a panel of celebrities from ILMxLAB and Lucasfilm, Star Wars: A Story from Galaxy’s Edge.. Actor Matthew Wood, Executive Producer Mark S. Miller, Producer Alyssa Finley, Writer Ross Beeley, and Quality Assurance Manager Marissa Martinez Hordley developed for an excited audience. And closed the curtain of production.

A story from Galaxy’s Edge Take you to the wilderness of Batuu with Black Spire Outpost, Seezelslak’s Cantina, and an unparalleled virtual reality experience. The five highlights of the celebration panel are:

Batou of the story from Galaxy's Edge

1. “A story from Galaxy’s Edge Classic Star Wars “Adventure,” said Alyssa Finley. You enter the galaxy as a Batu droid repair technician — and that’s just the beginning of the story. According to Mark S. Miller, the experience began with a single question posed by Director Jose Perez III. “What if we could start from a central location and build an experience that would allow us to tell stories around the world? Star Wars The galaxy and the entire timeline? “

Falcon of the story from Galaxy's Edge

2. Matthew Wood has taken a long and winding road to play the role of Mubo. Wood, an experienced voice actor and sound editor for Lucasfilm, worked with Ben Burtt to create effects for Utapau’s short Utai people. Star Wars: Revenge of the Sith..He returned to Utai for more sound effects on Galaxy’s Edge, and from the park as a Utai character: Mubo’s Mubo’s Droid Depot.. Mubo will continue to play an important role A story from Galaxy’s Edge“ILMxLAB is currently one of our most exciting divisions,” Wood said in a panel.

Satellite cave from Galaxy's Edge IG-88 in the corridor from Galaxy's Edge

3. Marissa Martinez-Hoadley and ILMxLAB’s amazing QA team do more than just try to break things. The team is made up entirely of Star Wars According to Martinez Hordley, superfans have found that important things have been omitted from their experience. “I realized I was missing the moment’I’m very sick’and asked if it should be in the game,” she said. Writer Ross Bealey was excited to write and add this line.

Character from Galaxy's Edge

4. Bobby Moynihan was jealous of Maya Rudolph and wanted to take part in the fun. and Star Wars Celebration Chicago 2019 reveals Miller, Moynihan got a direct look Vader Immortal And it was blown away. “I can’t believe Maya had to do this! I want to be this! I’ll play the trash can as needed,” Miller said. Bartender Seezelslak was made for him. “He can be your companion very easily,” said Miller, the owner of the amiable Cantina.

Star Wars Yoda: A Story from the Galaxy's Edge

5. Frank Oz spoke in Yoda’s voice at the development meeting, and the joy from the team was clear. work on A story from Galaxy’s Edge It continued during the pandemic. Like many of us during the lockdown, the conference was held over long distances, even when working with the Jedi Master, but the team was hooked on a video call with Frank Oz. “It was like going to school in Yoda,” Miller said. “I remember looking around the screen and all the boxes … [Frank Oz] I was talking about Yoda, and the word that describes him is how “struggle”. He is old and has experienced a lot. It needs to be in performance. Then he jumped into his voice and saw everyone in that zoom call … just brighten their faces. “

Did you have the opportunity to explore Batu more? If you’re in Orlando, Florida, you can experience it for a limited time at Disney Springs! For more information, Quest 2 Virtual Reality Experience Features Star Wars: A Story from Galaxy’s Edge Currently until July 21, 2022.

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