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Sony claims PlayStation VR 2 will feature 20 games at launch

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Presenting to investors led by CEO of Sony Interactive Entertainment, Jim Ryan, Technology and Gaming Giants will release more than 20 major PSVR2 games allegedly developed by both first-party and third-party developers at the launch of the next-generation virtual reality console. It became clear. Sony Is currently investing a lot of money to bring in and collaborate with these developers and studios to take advantage of the diverse library of games for PS VR2.

Playstation Proudly First confirmed game In the limelight, Horizon: Call of the Mountain, Will be released as one of the console launch titles. As confirmed by the studio and the developers themselves, there are several other games that will be released for PSVR2 at or shortly after launch.

Screen grab via Sony Interactive Entertainment

These include: Sky Originally from Cyan World, originally planned for PSVR, the studio is now discontinuing development of that version and working on the PSVR2 version of the game. VR among usSchell Games takes this incredibly popular psychological warfare game and brings it to a whole new level of realism. Unpublished titles from nDreamsIs rumored to be a repetition of crackEspecially confirmed titles.

Other news about PS VR2 game titles can easily be summarized into interesting rumors that can still be guessed.Whispers are orbiting around the PSVR2 version Half-life: Alyx,and VR title under development by Hideo Kojima himselfCollaboration with award-winning virtual reality storyteller Céline Tricart.

During the presentation, Sony will also reaffirm the various features that will be included in PSVR2. The virtual reality console is simple and minimal to use, and requires only one cord to connect to your PS5.Dubbed controller Playstation VR2 Sense incorporates adaptive triggers and haptic feedback, combining 4K HDR resolution with a 110 degree field of view enhanced by improved tracking and fove rendering.

In the past, Sony talked about the late 2022 release of PS VR2, but recent leaks and reports suggest that PS VR2 may be released in the first quarter of 2022, primarily due to supply issues. Is high. I’m worried about PS5.

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