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Snapchat’s ‘creepy’ new commercial turns off Twitter users: ‘Absolutely horrifying’

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over the weekend, Snapchat released a bold new commercial to get people talking. the only problem? It seems they were all talking for the wrong reasons.

In a 60 second clip posted on twitter On January 27th, Snapchat asked an interesting question. Then ask your viewers to open her Snapchat app and use the camera to “explore the unseen world” around them.

The ad begins with an image of a red-haired girl operating a smartphone in a subway car. Perhaps she’s using her Snapchat, but things get a little weird as her camera gets closer.

First, she smiles somewhat eerily, and when the camera zooms in on her eyes, you can see that her iris suddenly looks like a Snapchat icon. We go through it and enter a new world where everyone’s face is her one of her Snapchat trademark filters.

We’re talking about people with huge horse heads, googly eyes, very long tongues, and even people who look like half-hearted people.doghalf a person.

Most of these filters look hilarious within the Snapchat app itself, but there’s something about the commercial that isn’t in the same tone…at least not for most viewers.

“It was really scary” tweeted by one.

“I don’t want you to see it.” added another.

“Snapchat yall is not doing well” someone declared.

several people called “Spooky” And more or less invisible. Others were simply confused as to what it was trying to accomplish.

But not everyone hates commercials. In fact, 1 twitter Users pointed out that Ad Spot is actually quite innovative, utilizing elements of augmented reality to connect with users in a whole new way.

“Have you found them all? @Snapchat secret trainer? ” one person tweeted“Here’s how it works! You can unlock it with the latest commercial! @SnapAR

Augmented reality (commonly known as AR) is “the real-time use of information in the form of text, graphics, audio, and other virtual enhancements integrated with real-world objects.” According to Gartner.com“It is this ‘real world’ element that distinguishes AR from virtual reality. Unlike simulations, AR integrates user interactions with the real world, adding value. ”

translation? From applying cartoon filters to your photos and videos, to crying faces, to vomiting rainbows, Snap is all about fun.

The new commercial showcases many of the AR elements users already know and love, but hides a few twists. And since it’s used in conjunction with the app, its full scope can only be enjoyed by looking through the Snapchat lens. Then you will be able to see things that the naked eye would miss. It’s all part of Snapchat’s new advertising campaign, “First Commercial,” launched last year to promote its AR features.

according to A recent statement from the brand:

“At Snap, we celebrate the joy, rudeness, and spontaneity of communicating with real friends in fun and unexpected ways. For years, we’ve pushed the boundaries of how people see and experience the world through augmented reality. AR improves conversations and experiences, unlocking new ways to connect with others, learn about the world, shop, and more. [Our new campaign] Shows what it’s like to see the world like a Snapchat user. ”

If you follow the latest information Tech In the news over the past few months, it’s no secret that Snapchat has stepped up its marketing game to grow its user base and increase its profitability.

Ah Leaked memo written by Snap CEO Evan Spiegel warned employees in September 2022 that it needed to shift its strategy to keep up with a changing economy and a declining user base. At the same time, you need to increase your income.

“Having seen the pressing challenges and hedged our bets accordingly, we are still being hit hard in the face of the new economic realities of 2022,” Spiegel said in a memo. The Barge Got. “We have entered a new era resolutely. To succeed in this new reality, we must adapt and overcome.”

So Snap is currently looking for new ways to attract users, but not everyone succeeds. There’s a lot of debate about why growing Snap’s user base (especially through traditional commercials) doesn’t work.

For one thing, the app tends to skew toward a younger audience, so much of the original user base (millennials) has moved on and is now discoverable by Gen Z.

In response to the latest commercial, many Twitter users expressed confusion and concern that grown adults were still using the app.

That said, Snap’s acquired users seem to love the AR features. actually, According to today’s social mediathe app currently has approximately 347 million daily active users. 72% of them are involved in these AR elements.

Only time will tell if the brand can significantly increase its earnings this year.

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