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Sia Partners at the forefront of metaverse consulting

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The Metaverse promises a new era of immersive digital experiences, touted as transforming the way people interact, collaborate and learn around the world. At the forefront of development is global advisory firm Sia Partners. In particular, its Middle East division helps public and private clients make the most of nascent technologies.

The Web3 or Web 3.0 hype is going through the roof as businesses look to new digital means of innovation. Perhaps the most talked-about of the past two years has been the rise of the Metaverse, which seeks to build a network of his 3D virtual worlds focused on social connections.

The metaverse is seen by companies and organizations as: Billion Dollar Opportunitythe global network finally reveals a single universal virtual world.

Companies around the world are rapidly injecting capital New metaverse project, the Middle East has emerged as one of the regions leading current rates. The United Arab Emirates in particular has a thriving virtual and augmented reality ecosystem. These two technologies are at the heart of the metaverse’s growth.

According to experts from consulting firm Sia Partners, the Metaverse presents a huge opportunity for the region to become a leader in digital skills and training in the future. The interactive virtual environment provides an ideal location for training and simulating emergency responders, public safety, and the military, according to consultants.

For example, in a recent notable project completed by Sia Partners, we found it useful in building a virtual cybersecurity training environment that mimics the real-world Security Operations Center of one of the GCC’s major cybersecurity entities.

“The Metaverse is not just a futuristic concept, it is fast becoming a reality,” says Amancio Torres, managing partner at Sia Partners in the Middle East. “In the private sector, the Metaverse can be used to improve collaboration and communication within organizations and generate new revenue streams through virtual experiences and product development. , can also be used to create new forms of advertising and marketing.”

This has inevitably led to governments across the Middle East also trying to be ahead of the curve when it comes to developing the Metaverse. Announced the “Metaverse Strategy,” which aims to add $4 billion to the economy over the next few years.

“We have worked on some of the most influential Metaverse projects in the Middle East for both public and private sector clients in the United Arab Emirates and Saudi Arabia. can be used to improve citizen engagement, services and experiences – for example, virtual town halls and other public meetings can be held in the metaverse, increasing citizen participation and accessibility.”

But realizing the real-world potential of the Metaverse is easier said than done. It requires access to many new skills and innovative technologies. Without it, you risk wasting the large investments required. This is where vetted expert support can make all the difference, as in any other kind of digital transformation campaign.

Sia Partners already has a lot of experience in this area and has supported dozens of deals to date. “The projects we assisted were diverse in nature, from developing full-fledged custom virtual environments to creating digital twins of physical spaces,” he said.

global expertise

Citing some of these involvements, Amair recalled another project involving the design and development of an event space in one of the UAE’s major ports. The company ultimately helped him assist over 30-40 individuals in virtual reality while performing immersive presentations in their respective environments.

Most recently, Sia Partners developed a digital twin of a virtual reality startup incubator for Saudi Arabia’s leading tourism authority, allowing investors to follow the startup’s respective journey. At the same time, Torres adds:

An example of this form of support is Sia Partners’ Metaverse and Web3 training course “Metalense”. This course offers participants the opportunity to conduct her 2-3 day bootcamp to devise and develop relevant proofs of concept through VR/AR experimentation and concept development with experts.

Sia Partners’ Middle East division isn’t just working on the Metaverse either. This consulting firm leverages the expertise of a strong global group of 2,000 people with his team of over 100 experts dedicated to Web3 and Metaverse topics.

“We are one of the only consulting firms to offer an end-to-end metaverse solution on a global scale,” Amair claims. “It is an exciting time to be doing business on the cutting edge of the metaverse and we are proud to be at the forefront of this technology. We can help you harness the full potential of Web 3.0 for mold, and in doing so, help the world explore the amazing potential of this life-changing technology. .”

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