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Richard Dawson – The Ruby Cord

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Richard Dawson Demonstrates considerable creativity. The last 12 months have seen his one great album release by Tyneside Bard. weirdin collaboration with a Finnish metal alchemist Circle. Here’s another one: ruby code Assembled as a conclusion to a trilogy of albums Dawson Started in 2017. The first of three, farmersexplored the many colorful characters living in the medieval Kingdom of Brynaich, dating back to around the 6th century AD. In 2020, he followed up with a sympathetic look at the lives of those who inhabit his familiar early-21st-century spaces: soccer fields, local pubs, and Amazon fulfillment centers. where next? Of course, into the future, specifically 500 years into the future, into a kind of marginal reality that straddles real life and something more virtual.

is undoubtedly within the range of Dawson’s The power to pull off some kind of neon-lit space opera. But this is not that album. ruby code It certainly has some epic qualities – for one, it’s long, recorded at an hour and twenty minutes long, and opens with the opening track. “hermit”, which itself stretches to 40 minutes of panorama. But 2020 felt candid and candid, both in music and storytelling. ruby code It feels as if it is more enigmatic, dense, and complex. Dawson – never ambitious in his art – intentionally raising the stakes.

There’s a feat of imaginative creation here, and only by perusing the lyric sheet can you truly begin to understand the shape of that world. Dawson designed. ruby code Augmented reality, humans are set somewhere between the world as we know it and a virtual space where the lines between history, myth and imagination blur.upon “hermit”, where the familiar mixes with the deeply strange. One minute Dawson is sketching an idyllic scene.thickets of crows“When”Caterpillar’s ardent mandible‘; next he sings ‘Updating my visual cortex and concept-receptive cortex”. “museum”, meanwhile, follows an unnamed visitor as he explores a complex containing archives of human memories projected onto the walls.one reference point for ruby codeThink of the rich, detailed world-building of figures like Ursula Le Guinn and Philip K. Dick. Another might be video games. Fantasy RPGs like Skyrim dispense small nuggets of knowledge during exploration, giving you a sense of the wider world beyond your immediate experience.

The stories here can be dark and cozy, but the mood is generally calm and quiet, with very little of the roar and commotion you hear in many movies. Dawson’s work. He is supported by a mini-ensemble of harpists. Rodri Davis,violinist Anharad Davis and drummer Andrew Cheatham. upon “hermit”, they spread out in an improvisational way, more concerned with luscious texturing than familiar song structures. Deep inside the album, there are moments when the temperature rises a few notches. “fool”a romping metal riff that easily blossoms in the heart of the ; “arrowhead”However, they are fairly short-lived as they are commonly used as a kind of dramatic punctuation.

Anything Dawson When writing about, he tends to return to human stories – our ambitions, fears, disappointments, weaknesses. ruby code As a way of tackling such subjects from different and unusual perspectives. “thicker than water” It’s a gentle canter of chiming guitars and little flourishes of harp, but at its core there’s a terrifying absence. Having fled cyberspace into the real world, the narrator makes his way through deserted cities and empty double carriageways in search of the corpses he and his family left behind long ago. “fool” seems to recall the territory of farmers, a love affair that takes place in a medieval town, or perhaps a simulation of it? – It ends with a cryptic fizzle. “arrowhead”meanwhile, has the feel of a video game quest, with the narrator and her spiteful daughter Isagog crafting arrows before venturing “into the Realm of the Legendary Three-Faced Rabbit.” It reminds me that there is

Dawson’s Work always requires a certain buy-in from listeners, which has traditionally been repaid in dividends. ruby code In its depth and ambition, it is likely further than any of his previous records.If Dawson’s The discography was Tolkien’s book, but this one won’t be Hobbitor Lord of the RingHowever Silmaririon. So this may not be the first Richard Dawson Recommended records for newcomers: too many, too early. Still, if you have a measure of him and his work, ruby code It doesn’t impress. You are blinded by the extent of its achievements, and you leave yourself happily confused and reeling.

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