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‘Resident Evil 7’ & ‘Village’ Are Getting Near Perfect PC VR Support with This Unofficial Mod – Road to VR

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If you are looking to dive into either Resident Evil 7: Resident Evil (2017) Also Resident Evil Village (2021) PC VR headsets require a mod to get a kick. Modder’Praydog’ currently developing many informal RE According to mods, new controller updates will soon be added to both games to fully support 6DOF. In other words, you will soon be able to take on the myriad evil creatures of the universe. Manomano..

Praydog has released unofficial VR support for RE2, RE3, RE7 When RE Village (alias RE8However, neither of Capcom’s latest full-motion controls is available.

according to Eurogamer Ian Higton who actually used both mods resident evil village, With the new motion control support, you can shoot, manage shoulder holster-style inventory, hold your hand in front of your face to block, or pour medicine into your hand to heal yourself. VR native game.

Some scripted movements, such as falling off the floor or putting a baby in a cradle, are clearly less immersive, but the game forces the camera to change during a particular action sequence. It is unavoidable because it depends so much on it. Check out some gameplay from the Higton video below:

In addition to 6DOF support, Higton added a whole-body inverse kinematics (IK) model that “dramatically improved immersiveness and made some of the hectic battles in Village very realistic. You will be able to feel it. “

The village also looks absolutely unbelievable in VR. The very detailed environment was fun to explore and some of the distant views of the mountains beyond the village were legally breathtaking. But one of the most striking things about playing Resident Evil in VR is that you will eventually be able to understand the true scale of some enemies. It turns out that Lady Dimitresk, in particular, was far more impressive in VR than in Flat and completely underestimated how much she was towering over her daughters.

Motion controller updates will arrive at some point this month.You will find them Free GithubHowever, Praydog Patreon For users who want to support their work.

Of course, if you want to get a fix for biomutant killing, there are several official VR versions.You can play in Quest 2 Resident Evil 4, It has been rebuilt from scratch by Armature Studio and Oculus to provide higher resolution textures and VR-native immersiveness.There is also Resident Evil 7 PSVR certainly doesn’t have a full body IK like Praydog’s PCVR mod.

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