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Report Details Apple MR Headset Design Challenges & Internal Hurdles – Road to VR

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Apple is a notorious black box when it comes to in-house projects, but supply chain rumor-based details can also reveal what’s happening with its AR / VR headset in a closed room. Less common from Apple is a direct internal leak, information Ten members of Apple’s mixed reality headset project team claim to have elaborated on some of the design challenges of the past and the possible directions for headsets to move forward.

Report (via 9to5Mac) Details some anecdotes dating back to 2016, when the company first unveiled many AR and VR prototypes to industry leaders and Apple elites.

Former Vice President Al Gore, then Disney CEO Bob Eiger and other Apple board members tried out prototype enhanced virtual reality devices and software and roamed from room to room. One of the gadgets displayed a small digital rhino on the table in the room. According to two people familiar with the meeting, the creature has since grown into a life-sized version of itself. The same demo shows how to seamlessly transition from AR, where the dull surroundings of a room turn into a lush forest and users can see the physical world around them, to a more immersive experience in VR. .. Mixed reality.

Some prototypes ran on Windows, others were based on the original HTC Vive, so it was a conceptual showcase at the time. One such prototype is also so heavy, like “The Sword of Damocles” created by Ivan Sutherland in the late 1960s, the founder of virtual reality, that “because it was hung by a small crane, Apple’s board members I was able to wear it without strain. Their neck. “

When it comes to hardware development, it’s not unusual. Ask Magic Leap insiders from the early days. However, according to the report, the company’s MR headset does not receive the same support as Steve Jobs from Apple’s current CEO, Tim Cook. For iPhone development. According to the report, Cook “rarely visits groups in offices away from Apple’s main campus.”

There were also political conflicts that reportedly hindered development.This is Apple Pumping a headset break This is due to a discrepancy between then-Apple hardware designer Jony Ive and project leader Mike Rockwell. Since then, Ive left his company in 2019 and pursued his own design company. Love from..

Rockwell, Meier and Rothkopf soon encountered a backlash from Ive’s team. The three men initially wanted to make a VR headset, but Ive’s group was concerned about technology, the three people involved in the project said. They believed that VR would keep users away from the outside world, making them look fashionable and impractical. Apple’s industrial designers weren’t convinced that consumers would be willing to wear headsets for extended periods of time, two people said.

The team suggested adding a pass-through camera (codename N301) to the front of the headset, but Apple’s industrial designers were clearly intrigued by the concept of what the source conveys. information It was the “outward screen” of the headset. The screen can display video images of the eyes and facial expressions of the person wearing the headset to others in the room. “

However, the report will not exceed 2019. Of information Wayne Ma is expected to soon release a piece that covers “The Key Moments of Apple Headsets.”

As we said, Apple is a black box. That is, we do not comment on ongoing projects or meaningfully respond to media demands to clarify them. However, looking back at previous reports may give you a rough picture of what is expected. The following information is based on reports and should be taken with a grain of salt.

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