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Redefining Immersive Virtual Experiences With Embodied Audio

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EDGE Sound Research Pioneer of embodied audio, a new technology that will change the way we experience things. virtual realityWhen we think of “virtual reality,” it seems to focus only on what appeals to our visual sense. EDGE Sound Research’s embodied audio revolutionizes the way you experience audio in VR by using audible and haptic frequencies.

One of the things that makes this technology stand out is that it’s based on co-founder Ethan Castro’s experience. Castro had hearing problems and as a result he had to resort to sound. In addition, Castro loved music and became a professional audio engineer and composer as well. He studied how to combine hearing and senses to perceive sound. Eventually, he teamed up with co-founder Val Saromaki to start EDGE Sound Research.

Bringing embodied audio to life

Audio embodied Add realism to your sound. This breakthrough technology combines the auditory and physical sensations of sound into an ‘optimized singular embodiment’.

“This means that users can enjoy all frequency ranges they can hear (acoustic audio) and all frequency ranges they can feel (tactile and tactile audio, also known as physical audio).” Castro and Saromaki said.

Castro and Saromaki go on to explain that they have invented a new patent-pending technology for dubbed embodied audio. ResonX™. This new technology Nominated for CES Innovation Awardshas the ability to transform any physical space or environment into a embodied audio experience capable of reproducing a wide range of physical (7 to 5,000 Hz and above) and acoustic audio frequencies (80 to 17,000 Hz). I have it.

Create new experiences with the ResonX™ system

“The ResonX™ system is a combination of hardware and software. A user places a ResonX™ core (a hardware component) on the surface of a material, and the ResonX™ software adjusts the surface of the material so that the user hears and feels Resonate with reliable high-fidelity sound that can Castro and Saromaki said.

For example, if you use your ResonX™ system at home, you can attach the ResonX™ Core to your sofa to effectively embody your audio experience. So when you sit on your couch watching your favorite show, say a basketball game, you feel like you’re there. Users can hear everything from the sound of a ball being dribbled to subtle sounds like the creaking of sneakers.

According to Castro and Saromaki, if users want to take their movie-watching experience to the next level, they can:

“Individuals can attach ResonX™ to their flooring and then hear and feel every moment for a fully immersive, life-like experience of roaming a new planet.”

Besides Enrich the user experience in the metaversethis new technology will finally allow us to tap into our other senses, adding a new dimension to our experiences with music, gaming, live entertainment, and more.

Embodied Audio - Traditional Sound vs. ReasonX

“This opens the door to new possibilities in storytelling and connectivity around the world, as the experience can begin to blur reality as all three senses simultaneously inform the user that a moment is happening. Not as an effect, but as an embodied reality.” Shared co-founder of EDGE Sound Research.

Adopting innovation in the VR space

With ResonX™ and its ability to bring embodied audio to life, users will have a richer experience in virtual worlds. You will also have the opportunity to experience these virtual worlds using your senses of hearing and touch, as well as your sight. Now users can turn their physical environment into a cohesive sound system.

Fortunately, users can enjoy an embodied audio experience in many public places. According to Castro and Saromaki, they have already deployed his ResonX™ in various sports stadiums, bars and art installations. Additionally, he can contact EDGE Sound Research for a custom his installation if you want to bring the ResonX™ experience home.

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What does the future look like for embodied audio?

It may become more widely accessible. “Over time, we plan to release a more widely available consumer version of the ResonX™ system, making this ResonX™ technology more accessible to all.” Castro and Saromaki said.

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