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RealityOS trademark hints at Apple’s AR/VR headset

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Earlier this year, a few developers A reference to a platform named “Reality OS” It’s in the App Store log. Of course, this supports multiple rumors that Apple is working on a new mixed reality headset. Now, thanks to the new “RealityOS” trademark, Apple’s new AR / VR headset may give us a clue that it’s coming soon.

As discovered by Parker Ortrani, An unknown company called Realityo Systems LLC has registered the trademark “RealityOS” with the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO). The trademark was filed on December 8, 2021 in categories such as “Peripherals,” “Software,” and most importantly, “Wearable Computer Hardware.”

This may be a trademark of a random company, but there is evidence that this particular trademark is linked to Apple.

Apple shell company

Because Apple is all secretive, there are several shell companies that use it to register trademarks and patents for unpublished products. This prevents you from being directly tied to Apple in the event of a leak.

For example, one of Apple’s shell companies is “Yosemite Research LLC,” which Apple uses to register macOS names such as Yosemite and Big Sur. last year, This company has registered the trademark of “Monterey” A few days before WWDC 2021, Monterey turned out to be the official name for macOS 12.

And here is the best part. Both Yosemite Research LLC and Realityo Systems LLC are registered at the same address. This refers to the “Corporation Trust Center”, the actual company that provides trademark services for which Apple is a client.

But if that’s not enough, there’s more evidence to link “Reality OS” to Apple.

“Reality OS” logo and deadline

As soon as Ortrani shares his findings, Some Twitter users have noticed The same company has applied for the “Reality OS” trademark in other countries such as Uganda and Uruguay. 9to5Mac Realityo Systems LLC filed a trademark application in Brazil last December and independently confirmed that the request was renewed on May 10, 2022.

Some of these trademarks were submitted with a logo using Apple’s proprietary typography San Francisco. At the same time, the RealityOS trademark sets the deadline for “international filing” with the USPTO on June 8, 2022. It’s only two days after WWDC. The filing also has no “proof of use” to support that realityOS is associated with an unreleased product.

“Reality OS” logo
Brazilian realityOS trademark.
Trademark of “Reality OS” filed in Brazil

What is RealityOS?

RealityOS is probably the name of Apple’s new operating system created for the company’s upcoming AR / VR devices. Rumor has it that Apple is working on two new devices – Pair of AR glasses When Mixed reality headset..

The AR glasses project is still under development, Recently Bloomberg Report revealed Apple executives recently demonstrated a new AR / VR headset to the company’s board of directors. This suggests that the product may be announced at WWDC 2022 next week.

Apple Mixed Reality headset based on Reality OS.

It’s unclear if Apple will announce a new headset in June, but it looks like Apple is preparing for a big announcement soon.

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