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Pokémon GO loop Routes fail to spawn Zygarde Cells, straight Routes recommended for higher spawn rates

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The introduction of the Routes feature in Pokémon GO was met with both enthusiasm and confusion. Although it promises valuable rewards like Zygarde Cells – essential for the Legendary Pokémon Zygarde – players are still puzzled about how to effectively use this feature.

To commemorate the Routes feature, Niantic introduced a Special Research mission known as “From A to Zygarde.” The initial stages of this quest are fairly straightforward: land five great throws, catch ten Pokémon, and complete a handful of other simple tasks. However, players often find themselves stumped upon reaching the fourth stage, which necessitates following three routes, catching 20 Pokémon while navigating these routes, and discovering a Zygarde Cell.

Here’s where it gets interesting. Not all Routes are created equal when it comes to spawning Zygarde Cells. Based on community reports, loop Routes – the ones that start and end at the same point – rarely yield any Zygarde Cells. On the other hand, non-loop Routes, which have different starting and ending points, spawn Zygarde Cells.

Pro Tips for Loop Routes and Zygarde Cells

While loop Routes seem less effective, players have found a workaround. Try these steps to increase your chances of spawning a Zygarde Cell on a loop Route:

  • Pause and Resume: As you approach the end of your route (about 50m away), pause and then resume your journey.
  • App Restart: Another option is to force close the Pokémon GO app and restart it.

If you try these tricks and the loop Route still doesn’t spawn a Zygarde Cell, it’s likely that particular route is bugged to never produce one. But worry not – non-loop Routes have an 80% chance of spawning a Zygarde Cell if you perform a restart towards the end of the route.

While the Routes feature in Pokémon GO has its complexities, understanding the distinctions between loop and non-loop Routes, as well as the mechanics of Zygarde Cell spawning, can help you master this feature. Now that you’re equipped with this knowledge, it’s time to hit the Routes and catch ’em all, Trainers.

Feel free to share your own experiences and tips about the Routes feature in Pokémon GO in the comments below. We’d love to hear from you.

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