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Perfect Corp. on the Evolution of the Shopping Experience

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Founded in June 2015, Perfect Corp. is a global leader in Augmented Reality and Augmented Reality. artificial intelligence As digital continues to drive the evolution of the shopping experience, beauty and fashion companies are leveraging these technologies for fast and simple solutions.

Globally, over 400 brands and retail partners across luxury, prestige and mass use Perfect’s 15+ beauty technology SaaS products. These companies include Meta, Tencent Wechat, Sephora, Dior, Chanel, Neutrogena, Benefit, Harrods and others.

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In a session at the summit titled “Evolving the Shopping Experience,” Wayne Liu, Perfect’s chief growth officer and president of the Americas, said 70% of consumers say they want more than physical possessions. He said research shows he believes experience matters. And as this sentiment continues to grow, technological advances are poised to increase non-contextual communication, he said.Digital ownership changes the game for brands where digital communications and experiences redefine the relationship between brands and consumers.62% of consumers say they are new technology It’s “exciting”.

“just now, technology It’s the best way to change the way you communicate with shoppers,” Liu said. “Being able to communicate and build digital products in a context-agnostic way can transform the relationship between shoppers and brands.”

Online shopping has dramatically accelerated the evolution of shopping. By 2022, U.S. cosmetics and beauty e-commerce sales will double what he did in 2019.

“The need to use beauty technology to enhance the online shopping experience is more pronounced than ever,” said Liu. “According to Google data, more than 90% of his Americans currently use or are considering using AR for shopping. In the human brain, his 30% of neuronal activity is in the cortex, This makes sense because they are visual.”

When it comes to more personal items like lipsticks and glasses, virtual try-on experiences make shoppers feel more comfortable with online purchases.In the beauty category, such features are fast becoming table stakes. I have. According to Google data, he 43% of consumers who shop using their smartphones expect all beauty brands to use AR.

All of this means that companies need to plan ahead and consider what their 3D asset strategy is and how hardware offerings will be part of their marketing. Also something to consider: “The AR standard isn’t AR for everyone. There are two things to consider: the product needs to be standardized, and the product needs to be customizable. “

Perfect’s technology enables beauty brands to bring their products to life with cutting-edge AI and AR experiences. This includes hyper-realistic AR virtual try-on, AI foundation shade finder, AI face analyzer, and YouCam tutorials. Similarly, fashion brands use Perfect to let consumers virtually try on glasses, earrings, rings, bracelets, and watches.

Perfect’s advanced AI technology can even provide consumers with a skin diagnostic experience that provides users with detailed skin assessments and personalized product recommendations. The diagnostic tool analyzes up to 14 skin concerns to provide the best personalized product recommendations. Additionally, an AI-powered skin emulation tool allows users to visualize improved skin through AI-powered emulation, removing up to seven skin concerns.

With Perfect’s technology, the brand saw a 250% increase in sales conversion and a 200% increase in customer engagement. The company’s brand His partners report a 30% increase in adding products to their carts and a 300% increase in website traffic.

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