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OPPO will show off its AR glasses in the U.S. for the first time

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What you need to know

  • OPPO is the first in North America to offer hands-on demos of OPPO Air Glass and OPPO ARG Glass 2nd Gen glasses.
  • Introducing AR technology at the AWEUSA2022 conference.
  • Given that they rely on OPPO phones and watches, it’s unclear if the technology will actually be sold in North America.
  • OPPO Air Glass is a monocle design with a Micro LED display and a micro projector that allows you to track gestures and head movements.

OPPO does not sell phones in the United States, except for OnePlus phones, but could bring augmented reality (AR) technology here instead. On Thursday, OPPO announced that it will unveil its OPPO AirGlass and OPPOAR Glass2021 devices at the Augmented World Expo USA 2022, which will take place June 1-3 in Santa Clara, California.

OPPO announces Air glass It was launched in China last December. Unlike most AR glasses, it is designed like a monocle and displays data from OPPO phones with an average brightness of 1400 knits. It uses a coffee bean-sized Spark Micro Projector to illuminate content against a microLED lens and run the Snapdragon 4100 chip found in many Android smartwatches.

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