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NVIDIA NeRF to Introduce VR Scene Builder Tools

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NVIDIA upgraded its NeRF photogrammetry service on Tuesday to include new virtual reality (VR) content creation tools.

This update will allow NeRF users to create VR environments from a series of 2D photos. The service also leverages his AI to create virtual scenes on the fly, filling in gaps missed by the user’s 2D source image of her.

According to NVIDIA, the upgraded NeRF service will allow users to create VR scenes with more time and economic efficiency.

After transforming your source 2D images, you can import them as immersive environments rendered with a real-time 3D (RT3D) engine.


Users can enter the NeRF-rendered space through a VR headset,Use Case across the industry. NVIDIA also predicts that NeRF will be a suitable digital twin solution for many sectors such as property management, retail and e-commerce.

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In April, NVIDIA announced Instant Neural Radiance Fields (Instant NeRF). The company initially advertised the product as a tool for converting 2D images into his RT3D digital assets rather than just VR content.

NVIDIA’s photogrammetry solutions use AI and machine learning (ML) networks to accurately simulate subject detail, lighting, and shadows. Sophisticated RT3D conversion tools use AI to complete RT3D scans, enabling accessible routes to highly realistic digital twins of people, places, and objects.

With additional integration of the NVIDIA Omniverse application, the platform enables developers to quickly create captured assets and place them in an XR immersive environment or another RT3D production pipeline.

According to NVIDIA, the automotive, robotics, manufacturing, construction and entertainment industries can all benefit from NeRF. General availability of the solution, learning resources, and integration with other applications will enable developers of varying skill levels to use NVIDIA’s services to create his RT3D assets.

For example, the company’s NVIDIA DRIVE solution allows companies to use Instant NeRF to teach robots and self-driving cars how to navigate real-world environments.

NVIDIA also offers a smartphone companion application that developers can use as an easy-to-use tool to accelerate their XR content development pipeline.

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