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NBC gives viewers birds’ eye view of election facilities

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NBC News commissioned a drone to fly over multiple studios and control rooms for multi-network and multi-platform use on Election Tuesday in 2022. November 8, 2022.

The drone departed from Studio 1A, home of Today and NBC Nightly News, and entered the space through a semi-hidden passageway behind the space’s main video wall, near the Today sunrise icon sculpture. will appear in

NBC broadcasts coverage on its broadcast network, MSNBC, and its streaming news network, NBC News Now. Similar to Telemundo and CNBC, its apps and digital properties will also cover the event.

It deftly navigates the space in a gibbed roll-like motion, demonstrating NBC’s use of the video wall as its primary backdrop once again.


NBC doesn’t seem to use windows as the primary backdrop, but it seems the network didn’t quite cover the windows behind the production area as they did in 2020, due to security concerns.

At the time, a flat video wall with a camera mounted to the left of the sculpture was also angled to mostly block the main anchor area from a window in the corner of the space.

The floor has been updated with the Decision 2022 logo in red, white and blue colors and various shapes, including one in the ‘Today’ home area in the corner of the space.

The spacecraft then passes through a series of underground control rooms and other facilities below Studio 1A before zooming through metal detectors and flying across the street to 30 Rockefeller Center via an underground access point. To do. Most of this is a public concourse that leads to shops and other corporate complexes, but you may see NBC Decision 2022 visuals on the walls.

The drone passes through a security checkpoint and takes an elevator to the 7th floor, but the awkwardness between the drone and the man in the adjacent elevator seemed cut short.

Here is another view of the control room before the drone entered the top of Studio 6A. Studio 6A is the former home of “Megyn Kelly Today,” which has been used as an election space on NBC and her MSNBC for the past few years.

Then there’s a not-so-graceful jump cut as the drone moves to the 3rd floor, to the west side of Studio 3A, the former home of “NBC Nightly News” spaces are used). The update is done and changes to the appearance of the election.

In this space, drones perform some tricky maneuvers, such as a ceiling-mounted peacock sculpture that circles the ceiling, offering the opportunity to view it from almost 360 degrees.

Then it flies under the jib and down the hall to another part of 3A used by MSNBC, but here is a short edited period.

Here, multiple video panels in the studio are decorated with Decision 2022 graphics, and a new curved anchor desk with a polygonal front with red and blue segments and stars and LED panels can be seen.

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