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Modern Warfare 2 could have VR mode according to PlayStation Store listing

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Modern Warfare 2, a 2022 entry into the long-running CoD series, may be trying to take realism and immersiveness to the next level as the game’s PlayStation Store list suggests potential VR components. ..

Since then Official announcementThe hype of the surroundings Modern Warfare 2 Players are wondering what Infinity Ward will prepare for us this time, so we’ve built it.

Longtime fans Classic gun Original 2009 maps that may come back and new features like rumors DMZ mode..

However, Modern Warfare 2 may also contain new features that fans didn’t expect. According to the list of games’ PlayStation Store, it may support VR.

Does Modern Warfare 2 have VR support?


In Modern Warfare 2, many characters that are popular with fans will be returned.

nevertheless Modern Warfare 2 Since then, pre-orders are currently not available October 28th release date has been revealedThe game has its own list on the PS Store.

This section currently has little information and only the artwork publishes the trailer. However, Twitter user Oddysseuspr digs a little deeper into the store posts and finds something interesting.

OP found a safety notice by going to the “Health / Assessment / Privacy / Conditions” section VR headsetAdvise players on how to use the hardware safely.

This may suggest that Modern Warfare 2 will be playable on PSVR, giving fans a fresh perspective on the new CoD.

This does not confirm that Modern Warfare 2 will adopt VR, but after some research, it does not appear that other upcoming titles on the PlayStation Store refer to VR in safety notices.

This isn’t the first time CoD has dabbled in virtual reality. Jackal Assault of Infinite Warfare in 2016 provided fans with the first taste of hardware. However, this was a one-time experience rather than a full support.

Fans will love to dive into soap and captain-price shoes like never before, so when Infinity Ward becomes Modern Warfare 2, it’s still unclear how to use this technology.

Of course, until we get confirmation from the developers about Modern Warfare 2 VR, this is all just a guess.

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