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Mindway experiences coming to Liminal on Meta Quest

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MELBOURNE, VICTORIA, AUSTRALIA, January 25, 2023 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Mindway, which has emerged as a star developer from the Liminal Partnership program, has its next release planned. body scanthe first of three experiences on the Liminal Platform this week.

Since joining the Liminal Partnership program in August 2022, Mindway has quickly emerged as a leader in the VR mindfulness space and now offers full guided meditations in areas such as anxiety management and mindful leadership. We deliver courses and create novel and memorable short experiences that keep your mind focused. .

of body scan Two experiences immediately follow: understand anxiety When Soothes strong emotions.

All three experiences will be released on Calm Arena on the Liminal Platform. Give your Liminal audience a taste of what the Mindway app has to offer.

Mindway does a great job. Not only do they have a talented creative team and world-class developers, but they work closely with Liminal’s Psych Docs. It’s amazing to see the progress they’ve made in such a short time and their commitment to developing evidence-based experiences.We look forward to introducing the Mindway experience to the Liminal user community. – Damian Moratti – Co-founder and CEO of Liminal VR.

The release of Mindway’s Body Scan is the latest example of leading developers from around the world collaborating with Liminal VR to release an immersive and impactful virtual reality experience. The Liminal Platform is constantly evolving, with a growing community of developers and educational partners, regularly releasing new and fresh experiences that change how people feel and perform. With the development of the Liminal Metaverse, the scope and opportunities for developers and users to advance the ecosystem to new heights only continue to expand!

About Mindway

Mindway is an immersive wellbeing app for Meta Quest. Designed to nurture emotional health with interactive meditations, users can embark on a growth journey in areas such as stress management and self-love, relax in his enchanting ASMR world, or have a relaxing session. You can fall asleep with Whether you’re looking for a short-term boost or a long-term journey, Mindway makes improving your health easy, engaging and effective.

About Liminal VR

Liminal is a Melbourne-based award-winning virtual reality company dedicated to applying neuroscience and psychodesign principles to create emotionally influencing applications and experiences. With a team of virtual reality developers, 3D artists, neuroscientists and psychologists, Liminal specializes in researching and applying evidence-based design methodologies to induce emotional and cognitive states.

About Liminal Platform

Liminal Platform is the leading virtual reality platform designed to give people a choice in how they feel and how they act. Liminal applies psychometrics as a way for users to measure and rank the effectiveness and enjoyment of their experience.

Through our Liminal Partnership Program, Liminal works closely with developers around the world to create experiences that have a deep emotional impact on our users.

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