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MetaGait Helps Armenia’s Soldiers One Step at a Time

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According to Dr. Lusine Poghosyan, who works for the “Support for the Injured and Handicapped Army” NGO, the use of VR in neurorehabilitation therapy is increasing and is being used in combination with more traditional therapies for a variety of reasons. .. VR can be used to increase motivation and improve the emotional and psychological elements of receiving rehabilitation training. Patients can transform from hospitals and rehab centers into a whole new world through VR, and participating in such fascinating treatments will undoubtedly bring positive changes to the recovery experience.

The physical components of the device simulate walking by erecting the patient, stabilizing the torso, and attaching supports to the patient’s legs and arms. The movement of the device is similar to that of Jim’s elliptical machine.

Arsenyan said, “Even the experience of being able to stand up and look around from that height, compared to the typical sitting wheelchair-bound perspective that many patients with restricted exercise have. Makes a huge difference. ” This device is also used in children with cerebral palsy and brain or spinal cord injuries that make it difficult to walk.

Thus, due to the synergistic effect of walking and virtual reality, MetaGait promotes the regeneration of the neural centers of the central nervous system damaged by the patient’s traumatic accident, and according to the website, “formation of new centers and neural connections. Help. ”

Currently, MetaGait users have the option of going from virtual reality skiing, where users can compete with other virtual skiers, to VR tourism to sites such as Tateb Monastery, St. Gazanchet Sotz Cathedral, and Lake Sevan. It covers a wide range of participation. There are plans to expand the choice of games and locations and create more interactive games to promote cyber tourism in Armenia and Alzaf.

Incredibly, almost all of MetaGait is produced in Armenia, and the games are also built by domestic software engineers. The only exception is the VR headset Oculus Quest 2. This will be imported. The device is also patented and we aim to eventually sell MetaGait in the international market. This requires further approval of regulations, standards, and other required documents.

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