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Meta Quest Pro is $400 off, and save on Meta Quest 2 today

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If you want to fully embrace VR gaming, you’re almost certainly interested in purchasing a Meta Quest-based headset. Both Meta Quest 2 and Meta Quest Pro are currently heavily discounted at Best Buy. Meta Quest 2 is available as part of a bundle. resident evil 4 At $430, you save $70 off the regular price of $500. Or you can get the $1,100 Meta Quest Pro, which saves you $400 from the regular price of $1,500. Whatever sounds appealing, here’s what you need to know about both VR headsets.

Metaquest 2 Resident Evil 4 Bundle — $430, Was $500

one best VR headset Meta Quest 2 is a great way to discover VR gaming. At an affordable price, it offers a 120Hz refresh rate, giving you a smooth gaming experience with an excellent resolution of 1832 x 1920 pixels per eye. Its only real limitation is its 97-degree field of view, and it’s not the fastest mobile to use his processor. But at this price it’s an ideal starting point. You can get full immersion without worrying about cables and the device offers very intuitive controls and setup so you can take it anywhere without any hassle. resident evil 4 simply best metaquest 2 games You can buy one that offers you memorable, truly immersive horror for a while. As a bundle, you can’t go wrong with this package.

Meta Quest Pro — $1,100 Was $1,500

Meta's new Quest Pro Touch Controller is fast and precise.

If money isn’t your goal, you’re almost certainly already Differences between Meta Quest Pro and Quest 2 And figured out what you need to do. Meta Quest Pro looks sharper with 37% more pixels per inch compared to cheaper alternatives. It’s also 50% faster thanks to the new processor and offers additional features like face and eye tracking. If you want the best VR experience and can afford it, the upgrade is worth it, but keep in mind the extra cost. Ultimately, these aren’t really essentials for everyone, but if you want a professional-grade VR headset, the Meta Quest Pro is the one for you.pair it with some best quest 2 accessories For the ultimate experience.

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