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Meta Actively Testing PC VR Cloud Gaming for Quest

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Meta may be enhancing its own internal testing of its own cloud gaming service that allows you to play PCVR games on the latest standalone VR headset, Quest 2, without the need for your own VR-enabled computer.

V24 of the Quest firmware released in late 2020 allegedly revealed a reference to the “Avalanche” cloud PC VR streaming feature.Data miner and Reddit user “Samulia” delve into the firmware and the following string reported by tech analysts and YouTuber: Blood Lynch:

AVALANCHE_CLOUD_GAMING_INFRA_ENABLED (“oculus_systemux: oculus_avalanche_cloud_gaming_infra_enabled”)

Samuria is also known to have Extracted the meta logo before it was officially announced in FebruaryAnd a wealth of information gathered from successive firmware releases, hinting at the company’s next VR headset, Project Cambria.

Lynch known for YouTube channel SadlyItsBradleyClaims to have discussed cloud PC VR streaming with someone who was able to gain access and play games remotely. Anger of Asgard (2020)For Quest 2 Oculus PC only.

The screenshot above has a feature that is seemingly inaccessible to the average user, with a launch button in the “Experimental Features” section that says “Enable Avalanche (Alpha) -Start Avalanche Session”. Shows the Quest UI in the headset.

In addition, according to Lynch, users say the quality is “not very good”, which stems from the fact that it was based in the UK and needed to be connected to a U.S. PC. There is a possibility.

Quest2 connected to a PC | Image courtesy meta

Although we cannot verify the authenticity of that information, Meta may be opening its own corner for Quest cloud gaming. In the past, Meta has taken steps to ban cloud gaming apps from both the official Quest Store and AppLab. AppLab is Meta’s app outlet with less stringent content submission guidelines. Only the following third-party cloud gaming services can be downloaded. PlutoSphereThrough sideloading tools such as SideQuest.

This may suggest that Meta is now trying to create its own PCVR cloud gaming service, as it did in the past. Unique flat screen cloud game The last two years. In particular, the flat-screen cloud gaming project is currently led by former Oculus executive Jason Rubin, who is keenly aware of the inherent limitations of standalone headsets when it comes to packing high-quality content. As of July 2021, Rubin is also responsible for all Meta game content, including AR / VR production and the Instant and Cloud Play Platform within the Facebook app.

In the second half of 2020 quarterly results, Meta CEO Mark Zuckerberg said of the common parts of Facebook’s cloud gaming and VR initiatives:

“In the long run, I think VR works will definitely appear. [our gaming strategy] In the same way. Of course, some of the cloud games we play are also useful for VR. We are also building a large community around it on Oculus.However [our cloud gaming service]… I think it will be a very exciting growth opportunity and the ability to offer a lot of innovation in the next few years, ”Zuckerberg said.

I would like to know more about Meta’s VR cloud gaming plan and the first mixed reality headset. Project CambriaAt the company’s annual connect meeting within the year.

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