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Meet CEO Carlton Myung of Arbeon, a company that converts unreality into reality

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Seoul, South Korea, December 27, 2022 /PR Newswire/ — these days, carlton myungthe CEO of Arbeon gave an interview with the reporter Lee San– Win from ETNEWS INTERNET. Below is the report.

The startup atmosphere this winter has never been colder. According to the “Startup Recipe Investment Report” provided by the startup media “Startup Recipe”, the number of investments in startups in November was 82, less than 100.On the other hand, the total investment amount is 559.8 billion wondown 41% compared to the same period last year.

In this market environment, there are startups that have successfully secured Series A funding deals. 29 billion won Series B funding 100 billion won, even in the pre-release stage of the service. This startup is Arbeon, a company that creates unique services that aim to provide a new communication culture by presenting diverse digital experiences on top of everyday objects.we met carlton myung, CEO of Albeon. Everyone at Albion is busy preparing for the startup’s global debut, such as exhibiting as a solo booth at CES 2023 next January.

Q. Please introduce your company and yourself.

I’m honoured to be able to meet you.my name is carlton myung, CEO of Arbeon, a startup building AR (augmented reality)-based social media. We will create a new style of communication application service that communicates in real space instead of virtual space.

We remain wary of stagnation and tend to continually fragment ourselves as creators. We are always looking for innovation and are very interested in new technologies and perspectives. Well, I’m creating another new service somehow. As a creator, I am working with the desire to create the best service.

Arbeon CEO Carlton Myung / Courtesy ⓒ Arbeon Co., Ltd.

Q. I heard that the company name has changed recently. I’m curious about the reason and the meaning of the new company name.

We plan to begin a rigorous global implementation of our company and services in 2023. We decided to strengthen the current identity of our company and services before debuting in the global market. We are about to make a new start as Arbeon, which will bring about a new revolution, while leaving the company name and service name of the beta version “Mergerity”.

Those with an eye for detail may have noticed that the new company name, “Arbeon,” includes the word “AR” (augmented reality). AR is an absolute element, core technology and direction of our business in all areas of our company and services. The company’s mission to open up a completely new communication culture and AR network era is included in the company name.

Q.What services does Albeon introduce and what are their features?

Arbeon is an AR social media (online) service that provides services for creating, consuming, sharing, and recommending in real space (offline). The communication services you have used so far have been two-dimensional communication experiences in flat environments such as apps and web pages, but Arbeon is a platform that allows users to communicate in their daily lives. It can be said that it is a three-dimensional and four-dimensional communication experience that allows you to go back and forth between the AR experience in the real space and the metaworld (metaverse) in the virtual space.

The Arbeon service’s most powerful ability is to communicate with real offline objects in the online space. It provides a digital experience directly on real objects, so you can enjoy incredibly immersive communication.

However, defining Arbeon simply as social media is difficult. It is a service that provides various experiences beyond SNS such as commerce, AR content creation tool (AR cut), search tool, live chat, etc. Therefore, the definition of our services may change depending on how users and businesses use our services. It depends on the user how they can interpret the Arbeon service. It’s unlimited, right? that’s it. (smile)

However, “Communication” is the fundamental beginning and the absolute essence of our service experience. For that reason, I think it is most convenient to understand it as “AR social media”.

Q. Arbeon has raised the amount of Series A funding 29 billion won soon. Please tell us more about your future investment plans.

successfully secured a Series A investment in 29 billion won recently SingaporeShortly after, it signed a deal for a Series B investment US$100 million (100 billion won). We believe that it is an extremely rare case that we were able to secure an investment of 10 million yen or more. 130 billion won The current market situation is also known as the startup deep freeze. A Series C is in the planning stages, US$1 billion (1 trillion won) late 2024 or early 2025.

Q. What do you think attracted the investment in Arbeon?

In Arbeon, the unreal can become real. I think one example of this is the fact that the service has been attracting a lot of attention even before it is released. All the more so given the current global market climate. I can’t give you any details at this stage, but a well-known Wall Street investment manager saw our service portfolio and made the incredible comment, “It’s likely to be a US service.” said he would make a big investment in The next generation beyond TikTok and Facebook”.

When we first designed this project a decade or so ago, we declared that we would use AR to create a service that could hold memories on real-world objects without any prior learning. I remember hearing, “That’s an unrealistic idea that even the best developers in Silicon Valley can’t do.” However, today Arbeon’s technology has successfully created a service that detects everything in real space by simply scanning it on an app without any prior learning, allowing users to communicate using augmented reality. increase. It was the moment when unreality became reality.

Many investors have shown interest in our vision and unique technology and will continue to work with us to make Arbeon a success. I believe Alveon’s core competitiveness lies in transforming the unreal into reality.

Q. The service hasn’t been released yet, but you mentioned that Arbeon will be attending CES next year. What is the reason behind this?

At CES 2023, which will be held in 2023, we plan to have a separate booth in the Central Hall instead of Eureka Park (a zone dedicated to Korean companies). Las Vegas, united states of america, January of this year. Inside the booth, there is an experience zone where you can experience Albion’s services in advance. If you can come to CES 2023, please stop by and experience it. (smile)

As a startup that hasn’t released a service yet, preparing for such a large-scale CES for the first time is a big challenge in itself. It’s also unrealistic. The main reason for our company to attend his CES 2023 is to expose our services to the global market and to declare our future plans.

Also, Arbeon is a platform-based service. Therefore, it is necessary to cooperate with many companies and users, and we plan to actively build partnerships with many companies from next year. The purpose of his participation in CES can be said to be the success of B2B strategy and large-scale promotional activities for our company’s success in 2023.

6. What’s next for Albeon?

The ultimate goal for 2023 is the release of the service. With the domestic release as an opportunity, we plan to release an open beta test (OBT) as a global service.

B2B partnerships are an integral part of any service launch. Therefore, we plan to promote partnerships in earnest so that we can provide users with a variety of content and information even after the release. In fact, we are discussing partnerships with some prominent companies in Korea and abroad. In addition, we plan to actively support collaborations with influencers, creators, and celebrities to create new growth possibilities within Albion.

We will finally move to the new building in March next year. Because it is a new space, we are working on interior design with a unique identity. Another goal is to be called “the No. 1 start-up company you want to work for”. As of December, our crew is about 80 people. We plan to increase that number to over 200 next year. If you want to experience a historical moment with Albion, we are looking forward to your active application.

Arbeon brings a whole new culture of communication to the world with unparalleled technology. We hope for your interest and support in our journey.

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Source: Albeon Co., Ltd.

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