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Max Action Arena opens at ICON Park with Axe Throwing and VR

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Virtual reality, adventure rooms, escape rooms, ax throwing, a bar and free parking are all at the newly opened Max Action Arena in Orlando’s Icon Park. This new experience center offers a hangout for those old enough to handle an axe. But everyone is welcome to come and explore this new place of drinking and fun.

Scott Brown, Marketing Director, Family Entertainment Group, said: “Whether you’re a thrill-seeking tourist or a local looking for a new attraction that the whole family will love, Max Action Arena caters for you.”

Our 8,000-square-foot entertainment center offers a variety of experiences, including:

Zero Latency Extreme Virtual Reality

Instead of playing the game, Zero Latency VR puts you in the game. Reality merges with the virtual world as you are dropped into a huge arena to fight or explore with up to eight players. Zero Latency VR gives you the freedom to roam open spaces and move wherever you want. You don’t need a heavy backpack for this VR experience. Just a headset and gun tools to use in the game.

adventure room

Like a cross between an escape room and a video game, Adventure Rooms challenges you to race against time to solve puzzles in each of these themed rooms. From solving crimes in CSI, cracking codes in a medieval world, dealing with alien abductions, and surviving eerie and haunted rooms, it takes thinking fast and being quick to solve everything. You have to act. It takes up to 3 minutes to figure out these rooms, some of which are quite difficult.

ax throw

Hone your skills and challenge your friends to an ax throwing session. You don’t have to be a lumberjack to get points for throwing an ax at a wood target. Predicted goals allow you to choose from several different games for new challenges.

escape room

In “Escape from Planet Obscura,” you are transported to a faraway alien planet as you attempt to repair a damaged spacecraft. Can you fix the engine and initiate the launch sequence before being stuck in space forever?

We explored Max Action Arena to see everything this space has to offer. Our videos give you a glimpse into each experience and pricing breakdown. There are many price points and packages, Make your visit customizable.

Zero-latency VR in Max Action Arena means no backpacks, just guns and headsets.

Max Action Arena offers many unique experiences all under one roof. And it has the advantage of being located in Icon Park. This means lots of neighborhood experiences, lots of great food, and free parking.

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