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LIVE’s VR experience provides dynamic decision-making moments aimed at growing inclusive leaders > Maxwell Air Force Base > Display

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Joint Base San Antonio Randolph, Texas – Aviation Education and Training Command personnel are deploying virtual reality experiences designed to help develop holistic-minded leaders.

In line with Command’s commitment to incorporating digital age technology throughout Command, the Leading Inclusively Virtual Experience (LIVE) program will consist of mixed virtual reality experiences that use a combination of interactive and authentically realistic scenarios. A modern learning tool. – A timed dialogue that challenges individuals to participate in difficult conversations about Diversity, Equity, Inclusion and Accessibility (DEIA).

AETC Chief Diversity and Inclusion Officer Maggie Laws said: “Through experience, frontline supervisors develop the skills to engage in difficult her DEIA conversations. These types of experiences fully develop Airmen, our competitive advantage in strategic competition. help you to

The LIVE experience consists of first-person interaction with an actor-controlled avatar, followed by an ongoing discussion.

“While one aviator or guardian participates in the learning experience, others engage as observation participants,” Laws said. “This design provides experiential learning opportunities for all participants in the audience.”

Trained LIVE facilitators lead discussions according to scenarios where experiences, perceptions and ideas are shared in an intrepid space, enabling learning and ultimately introspection, said Laws. increase.

“This is a great tool to consider for face-to-face unit training, team building, and professional development opportunities,” says Laws. “Other options include courses such as the MAJCOM Squadron Leadership Course, the SNCO/NCO Professional Development Series Course, the First Sergeant Symposium, the Flight Commander Leadership Course, and the Civil Development Course.”

Facilitators are designated by the commanding officer and must be graded E-7 or above, O-3 or above, or GS-11 or above. Candidates should have previous teaching, teaching and facilitation experience and be confident public speakers, Rose said.

If selected, facilitators attend a three-day course funded by SAF’s Diversity and Inclusion Office. Aviation College’s Eker Center It is in maxwell air force baseAlabama.

In 2022, three facilitator training courses were conducted, training 52 facilitators across the Air Force. In FY23, the team will host 8 of his courses, and for each course he will train 20 students and he will train 160 facilitators.

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