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Leonardo: Guardia di Finanza opens Air-Naval Operations Simulation Centre in Italy

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• Europe’s first and only training center, headquartered at Pratica di Mari Air Base (Rome), a powerful synergy between Guardia di Finanza’s operational expertise and Leonardo’s technical and service excellence is built on the basis of

• A single virtual reality environment that integrates aircraft and mission systems to provide effective and safe crew training for interoperability in complex scenarios

Rome, February 2, 2023 – Guardia di Finanza (Italian police with general competence in economic and financial matters and is the only maritime police force in Italy) in an official ceremony attended by representatives of the Agency and Leonardo, Air Navy We opened the Operation Simulation Center today. The new center has been developed by the company since 2020. Based on customer requirements, it aims to train the Guardia di Finanza crews to carry out air and naval operations, utilizing the most advanced and innovative technologies in the field of simulation.

The new center, the only one in Europe, integrates advanced network simulation systems into a single environment. The simulator perfectly reflects Leonardo’s helicopters and planes, which were recently acquired by the Guardia di Finanza and used in various operational roles. In addition to the company’s onboard mission systems used for surveillance and identification, among other things. These are a scenario simulator developed by Leonardo that can virtually generate an environment where platforms and personnel work together on a single mission, and a ship instrument panel simulator developed in collaboration with Cetena (Fincantieri) that introduces ships in a marine environment. is added to ) – A ground command center that coordinates operations.

An all-new ‘mini-motion’ simulator for AW169/AW139 helicopters and P-72B aircraft, called Enhanced Training Device (ETD e-Motion), faithfully reproduces the performance, avionics and cockpit, with appropriate physical feedback. the crew thanks to the actuators integrated into the platform. Pilot training includes rear crew training for those using the AW139 and P-72B Leonardo ATOS (Airborne Tactical Observation and Surveillance) mission systems and highly immersive virtual reality for search and rescue missions. complemented by cabin hoist operation.

Thanks to these simulation capabilities, Guardia di Finanza personnel are trained in an environment that very realistically reflects the interoperability typically required in current and future multi-domain scenarios. This is exactly the scenario in which the Guardia di Finanza performs security, surveillance, patrol and other missions. , and rescue.

The center is an EASA accredited training institute and holds the ENAC (Italian Civil Aviation Authority) remotely piloted aircraft training certificate. The center is located in hangar “L” on the air force base, is supported by Leonardo, and is fully integrated. Leonardo’s helicopter A global network of training academies. The Leonardo Training Academy has coordinated this initiative and made it possible to combine flight and mission training of the highest international standards offered by the company’s different business areas.

This initiative is the result of the strong support of Guardia di Finanza for the use of training simulations and the associated industrial and technical competence of Leonardo. They integrate expertise in fixed and rotary wing, electronics and sensors, training, and the development/use of “digital twins”. Guardia di Finanza will become a benchmark for other national and international players focused on interoperability in complex scenarios. Leonardo confirms its commitment to developing and delivering technical advanced training solutions for security organizations worldwide.

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