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Inside the Cockpit of an F1 as it Roars Around the Monaco Racetrack

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Insta360 has released a video celebrating the iconic F1 Monaco Grand Prix. This video will be held this weekend by shooting historic circuit laps using some of its cameras.

The action camera company has installed at least five lightweight cameras on the classic 1974 Ferrari 312 B3, operated by current Scuderia Ferrari driver Charles Leclerc.

Insta360 has worked with Automobile Club de Monaco to equip a very valuable F1 car with a line camera, including the One X2, One RS, and the tiny GO2. It weighs only 27 grams and is approached using a small GO2. By installing it in a very tight cockpit, with Leclerc.

Classic Ferrari

The resulting one-and-a-half-minute video is a dream for all cars and F1 enthusiasts, showing the unique angle of an exciting car driving around a tight, winding 19-turn Monaco circuit. The camera mounted on the engine is especially interesting because it not only shows the 12-cylinder naturally aspirated 3-liter engine up close, but also captures the deafening roar.

This video fully introduces the types of smooth and dynamic editing that a 360 degree camera can achieve, especially when multiple bodies are available.

The stunning car was originally driven by three-time world champion Niki Lauda, ​​and Leclerc takes it on a tour of Monte Carlo because he is also a Monaco as well as he is currently driving for the team. Is suitable.

Not only that, Leclerc hopes to emulate the original car owner Lauda, ​​who is the current candidate for the F1 World Championship and brought back the coveted trophy to the Maranello-based team in 1975 and 1977. I’m out.

Classic Ferrari
Niki Lauda’s 1974 Ferrari

360 ° camera opens up new possibilities for watching sports

With the rise of 360-degree cameras and virtual reality, the possibilities of experiencing sports in a completely different way of watching sports with a virtual reality headset have expanded.

Motorsport and F1 are particularly well suited to take advantage of this new technology. F1 has already released a VR app in partnership with DreamVR. This is still in its infancy, but it won’t be long before a 360-degree camera is installed in the car during a live race, allowing fans to track the race in virtual reality and get closer to action than ever before. maybe.

Recently, a new F1 2022 game was launched, adding new features for VR racing. This gives gamers a closer experience of what it’s like to be a real F1 driver.

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