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ICYMI, August 2022: Quantum for cars and trustworthy AI

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Capgemini says quantum computing is driving radical car plans

Quantum computing, the next-generation real-world application of quantum mechanics, shattering conventional supercomputers when it comes to raw power, is a bold new roadblock for the automotive industry on its holistic future journey. Helps create maps. But technology services and consulting firm Capgemini has warned that research efforts have stepped up significantly, and that board optimism is no guarantee of industry optimism.

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Old world offices are moving to the metaverse

Even if the world still doesn’t have a clear idea of ​​what exactly Mark Zuckerberg’s Metaverse will look like when it’s finished, brands and companies of all sizes are kicking their tires and looking forward to this brave Metaverse. We haven’t stopped thinking about what we can do. new virtual world.Sports giant Nike one of the first Well-known non-tech brands welcoming the Metaverse with high-profile investments in virtual worlds, NikelandThe company is also set to mimic the real-life experience in a virtual reality world, as Metaverse players get the chance to wear digital Nike products.

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10 of the world’s leading innovation hubs

According to a recent survey conducted by Dutch accounting giant KPMG Below are the top 10 cities in the world outside of Silicon Valley/San Francisco that perfectly serve as innovation hubs in the tech sector. Cities have come to be seen as innovation hubs due to their proximity to research-intensive universities and access to vibrant and energetic lifestyles, attracting young professionals and thereby a skilled workforce. of pools.

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How can we ensure trustworthy AI?

What steps will it take for AI to become widespread in society, and are companies ready to invest seriously?

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Realizing smart city experiences with AI and IoT

Cities are getting smarter thanks to massive urban growth. internet of things (IoT) and AI-powered processing of massive datasets generated by urban execution and monitoring. Technology Magazine takes a closer look at three smart technologies that seem set to transform urban life and the businesses and governments that serve them.

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