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How Tyler Perry’s ‘Sistas’ Actress Crystal Hayslett Is Leveraging Her Network To Build Her Net Worth

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One of the many things Beyoncé is good at is providing music that appeals to specific emotions and placements in life. She’s especially keen to do this with female empowerment, and her latest album, “Renaissance,” There is no difference.

She starts the project with “I’m That Girl”. This is a celebratory ode that expresses her confidence and cultural space. And with captions and reels using the song as inspiration appearing all over Instagram, many women have fully embraced the song’s message. I am one of the

The “Sistas” and “Zatima” actress recently sat down with AfroTech to discuss her range and versatility, and break down what really makes her the girl she is.

A native of Martin, Tennessee, Hayslett is an actress who has made people nervous with her fiery family of characters. Tyler Perry “Cistus” and “Zatima”. But bending TV screens isn’t all she does. Hayslett is a producer, writer, investor and real estate enthusiast.

While her hands are pretty full with everything she does, Haslett is determined not to stay in the box, especially as an investor in companies such as: status pro When Gold Standard Farms.

StatusPro is a virtual reality game that brings safety to sports by enabling athletes to practice virtually. Attracted by the idea the company owner had for an established athlete and her interest, Hayslett was convinced by the idea and wanted to join.

“I’m a big sports girl, so I was immediately drawn to it. A year later, when I told you, he called me. He said, ‘Hey, we opened our caps.’ “You can invest if you want. And I said I want to get in,” said Haslett.

The company now has LeBron James and Drake, and has also signed on to invest and join a growing VR company.

As a Southern girl, Gold Standard Farms is in my hometown of Martin, so I’m home. A childhood friend of hers got in touch and told her about this land there and the opportunities to grow cannabis there. Intrigued by the idea, Haslet jumped at the opportunity. She is currently working on building a black-owned cannabis farm facility and is working with a local college, the University of Tennessee-Martin, to develop programs and jobs to hire and educate young people interested in the industry. is creating

Not only that, Hayslett has also found success in the real estate industry. She says she has always loved every aspect of the home process, from purchasing to designing. Since then, she has capitalized on that love of hers to own a fortune worth $2.3 million.

“Real estate is the place to be. I feel like a lot of people. Money is burning a hole in their pocket when they make it. Want to [be] I’m very strategic and intentional about what I put my money into to build a legacy for my future family, my current family,” explained Haslett.

Photo credit: Cecil Boko

Photo credit: Cecil Boko

while navigating all aspects of black girl magic Hayslett is still mastering her craft as an actress, taking cues from the show’s creator, Tyler Perry.

“Thanks to all the experiences that have given me and will continue to give me, I am able to make smart decisions and not be like, ‘Oh my god. Because of him, I am not star-struck or impressed by many things. [Tyler Perry] I could see it,” explained Haslett.

For more on what Hayslett is up to, check out her AfroTech Live conversation. here.

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