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Here’s what we can expect from phygital fashion

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When I stop and think about areas that are changing rapidly with the times, fashion and technology come to mind. Unsurprisingly, these are among the most dynamic of all, one defined by changing trends in the masses, the other simply growing with the latest advances. . Phygital Fashion brings us both while defining the expected future of the fashion industry.

The term “phygital” can be confusing, especially for those who have never heard of it. It’s really not that complicated as it just defines a combination of physical and digital approaches. However, while the concept may not be perceived as such, it has been found that digital services help people get their physical work done in a more convenient way in industries such as banking, international trade, real estate and shopping. It has existed for a long time because , automobiles, and certainly fashion.

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The advent of blockchain technology has brought dramatic changes to almost every industry. After being hit by the rapid rise of cryptocurrencies, non-fungible tokens (NFTs), top companies, brands and celebrities jumped into it, making it the talk of the town and further boosting its influence. The world of fashion has never been left behind as it embraced new trends and brought new dynamics to the industry.

The concept of the Metaverse has seen further progress in digitization. The ability to choose your own avatar and appearance in virtual worlds has opened up new avenues for fashion designers and enthusiasts to test their imaginations. Users can find the best outfits, gear, and accessories they can wear in their virtual worlds, creating images never before possible.

All the costumes and accessories purchased in the virtual arena are now physically available in the real world, leading to physical fashion. Among these are some worth mentioning for their futuristic methods and approach to fashion.

RTFKT, one of the leading companies in the field, offers a unique collection of digital artifacts and sneakers. Acquired by Nike, the brand underpins manufacturing excellence further enhanced through the use of augmented reality, game engines, blockchain technology and NFTs. A classic example of what phygital fashion represents, offering high-end fashion products in both the virtual and real worlds.

DRESSX is a multi-vendor store offering digital fashion collections from top brands and designers. The brand takes its cues from traditional physical fashion e-commerce stores and brings the same level of convenience and variety to the virtual world. The theory behind the brand is that the world already has far more clothing than is needed, so people can buy less physical and instead go to fashion in the digital world. Thing.

The Fabricant is a pure digital fashion house founded in 2018. Clothing and accessories come as NFTs and can be crafted in customized ways and worn or exchanged. What’s interesting about Fabricant Studio is that you can directly customize your outfit with options like color and fabric.

Oshii Brownie
Another prominent name in the world of digital fashion, Oshii Brownie is known for his aesthetic designs that focus on self-expression and cultural diversity. It is a pure hybrid, or as we call it now, a phygital fashion brand that offers a wide range of products both as NFTs and in physical form.

In addition to these, several other brands hint at the future of fashion.There’s no denying that physical fashion will continue, but the imagination and unbridled nature of digital fashion are sure to attract more fashion lovers. continue to attract

Given that, you can expect a lot more from Phygital Fashion in terms of scale and capabilities.

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