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Hands-on with Gran Turismo 7’s free PS VR2 update, out February 22 – PlayStation.Blog

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Gran Turismo SPORT used the original PlayStation VR to offer a tantalizing taste of the GT experience and allowed users to wear headsets for a limited slice of the game, but Gran Turismo 7 makes no such compromises. Supports PS VR2 in. Cars, tracks, races and license tests are all here (minus split-screen support) and playing the game again with the new headset and DualSense controller is a 200 It shouldn’t be surprising even for someone who logs above. Time on the track during 2022.

Here are four reasons to be excited to get GT7 on PlayStation VR2.

Big surprise – looks great

Gran Turismo 7 is amazing, but I thought the conversion to PS VR 2 had some obvious (but understandable) trade-offs. That said, the game looks great in VR transformation, so I’m happy to report that my concerns were unfounded. Image quality and clarity are a dramatic improvement over the GT Sport, and I’ve never weighed the visual pros and cons compared to simply playing on a ‘flat’ TV display. . In short, the game looks great and highlights the strengths of the PS VR2.

Make your favorite cars stand out in the VR Showroom

Players can view over 450 cars in the game using the VR Showroom, accessible from the Garage. It feels like a natural culmination of the incredible effort Polyphony puts into bringing each car to life. Plastic, wood panels, leather, vinyl, and plastic are free to see. Getting an up-close look at the various stereo systems, dashboards, and dials is one of the things I look forward to most (oddly enough) when I bring the PS VR2 home. The novelty of getting a peek into the backseat of each car is too much to understate.

Head tracking is a game changer

It may sound unremarkable on paper, but being able to look around freely during a race (you can’t have a view from the front of your car) is a huge difference between performance and your presence in the virtual world. It offers tangible benefits in both respects. For example, when entering a sharp corner, you can quickly see the rest of the track over the turn and plan your next move. This is one of those intuitive “real life” driving behaviors that feels a little strange to experience in a game.

A new sense of scale and speed

Another result of the feeling of “actually driving a Mazda 787B” is a new sense of claustrophobia and danger (in a good way!). Motorsport can be very dangerous and those of us without personal experience can appreciate it better in VR. Windshield, roll bar, etc.), dramatically enhances the sense of speed and power of the race.

At the other end of the spectrum, PS VR2 offers a new perspective on the track environment itself. For example, the mountains in Dragon’s Tale are really huge and intimidating, and the Willow Springs desert feels somewhat like a desert. This Southern California vast expanse of emptiness, perceptually vast and empty. It’s a feeling I’ve never experienced before in a game, and tearing apart the dry landscape made me feel liberated.

My time with the GT7 also highlighted one side benefit of the new PS VR2 hardware that I hadn’t thought of before. The headset no longer needs a camera to track his position in 3D space, so he doesn’t have to worry too much about relative positions. on TV. It’s a small change that’s expected to make you much more likely to use the headset in your daily play sessions.

The free update for Gran Turismo 7 PS VR2 is on February 22nd.

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