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Germany clears Meta VR headsets after unlinking from FB • The Register

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Germany’s Bundeskartellamt claims victory after Meta removes its VR glasses, formerly known as Oculus, from its Facebook login.

After the initial requirement to connect VR gear to Facebook logins led to official competition complaints from German regulators against the parent companies of WhatsApp, Facebook and Instagram, users were forced to switch to separate “meta” accounts. You can now sign in.

The competition watchdog said the move was a Meta Quest glass (and new quest 2 device) is now available for sale in Germany. Bundeskartellamt said users should be free to decide whether to use their VR goggles individually or connect them to other meta-services, without undue influence.

Andreas Mundt, President of the Games Observers, I got it (Translated from German): “Thanks to the digital ecosystem created by Meta, which has a huge number of users, the company is playing a central role in the social media space. It also has an important position in the market: Facebook and Instagram members can use VR glasses, but this can seriously hinder competition in both areas.”

Mundt added that while Watchdog was pleased that Meta had signed a “friendly resolution” by introducing the Meta account, “the process is not yet complete.”

“While we welcome this development, we do not intend to terminate the proceedings today.”

He said the issue of how that data is handled in relation to Meta’s other “various services” has not yet been resolved. For users who choose to use a separate Meta account, Meta must keep data generated by Meta Quest glasses separate from information pulled from other Meta services.

This includes those who struggle with Quest VR goggles in the Horizon Workroom in the “virtual meeting space” (although official Oculus for Business headsets Discontinued).

The new meta account is August For Meta Quest glasses users, but if you still have an Oculus account, you won’t be able to sign in with that account after that. New Year’s Eve 2022.

Users can sign up for a Meta account using their email address, but must provide their name and date of birth.according to meta At the time of publication, the default option for users who skipped selecting “Privacy Options” is to connect them to “Friends and Family.” The user can later change these settings to ‘public to all’ or ‘solo’.

Meta has acquired California-based startup Oculus VR for $2 billion. 2014 And Facebook at that time decided to discontinue the Oculus-specific account system in October 2020 and use only FB accounts. $10 billion investment The company, which joined the Reality Labs group behind the Metaverse, has been panned by investors unconvinced by its description of “the Internet embodied for immersive experiences beyond the two-dimensional screen.”

meta said register “We are looking forward to Meta Quest 2 coming to Germany in 2022. We also plan to bring Meta Quest Pro to the country as soon as possible and look forward to sharing more information about this soon. ®

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