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Former Oculus CTO Has Doubts About PSVR 2’s Chance for Success – Road to VR

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John Carmack, former CTO of Oculus and a key player at the VR startup Genesis Story, said Sony’s upcoming PSVR 2 headset is likely to be adopted based on its high price and potential geographic distribution of distributed shots. The road ahead can be rocky, he said.

Carmack seems to be very fond of the PSVR 2 hardware from a technical standpoint, with the unique combination of a tethered OLED display and the PS5’s ray tracing performance opening up new VR rendering approaches with very low latency. said it might be possible. Legendary programmer and former CTO of Oculus Carmack thinks just that when it comes to his virtual reality headset.

Although he praised its unique technical possibilities, Carmack says In fact, he doesn’t expect PSVR 2 to be “very successful at $600.”

The PSVR 2, which releases on February 22nd, is priced at $550, which is close to $600 after sales tax in most states. That’s well above the Quest 2’s $400/$500 price tag, depending on whether you buy the 128GB or 256GB version.

Former Oculus CTO John Carmack | Photo courtesy of Meta

Still, this doesn’t really take into account all the prices to play PSVR 2. $400 for the PS5 digital edition, $500 for a console with a disc drive, and over $1,000 for everything you need. But what about Sony’s impressive global reach with PS5?

of follow up tweetCarmack said the PS5’s admittedly large global footprint, which currently aggregates 30 million consoles worldwide, is less important than having a higher concentration of devices across smaller geographic areas. says.

“For developers, the size of the market they can serve is far more important than global coverage. It’s much less attractive, in fact, in a market of the same size, there are fewer countries with advantages and fewer jobs.”

Carmack doesn’t seem to be a favorite either. He recently criticized Meta Quest Pro as well. “Suspicious price range” One that keeps the latest and greatest in meta away from consumers and positions mixed reality headsets as more work-productive devices.

Doubts about PSVR 2 seem to be building in the weeks leading up to its February launch. Recently, a great deal of uncertainty about pre-order performance has permeated public perception.a bloomberg According to a report earlier this week, Sony cut its PSVR 2 production forecast in half, with only 1 million units forecast for the first quarter. What Sony argued.

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