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DAO Uniglo.io branded as the new SHIB after Massive Burn Proposal Passed – Can it surpass Tamadoge’s success?

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A large reduction in supply always leads to a sharp increase in price. Supply chain problems are driving inflation as fiat currencies depreciate. And digital currencies follow the same supply laws.

A new proposal to implement a massive token burn passed by Uniglo.io’s DAO is exciting investors. Will GLO become the new SHIB? And can the protocol surpass Tamadomo’s success? The answer to both seems to be yes.


Uniglo has made tremendous progress in a short period of time.flat business 2 community noted its success, listing the protocol as one of the best projects of 2022. Uniglo offers investors a long-term store of value by exposing a unique collection of digital assets. The transaction tax will fund the acquisition of assets, and the vault will hold classic large caps such as BTC and ETH for long-term profits. Additionally, we hold stablecoins to hedge against volatility. Small-cap stocks to profit from growth speculation. And most exciting are high-end physical goods such as NFT-format artwork.

In addition to this, the protocol implements a hyper-aggressive burning strategy to further guarantee a constant rating. Now that the DAO has passed this additional burning proposal, the GLO total has dropped significantly and analysts are expecting a sharp price rally.


Shiba Inu has implemented a massive token burn to counter the incredibly large supply of tokens and increase value for investors. To date, this project has burned over 400 trillion of his SHIB.

However, investors should remember that the majority of this burn is from Vitalik Buterin’s first burn. SHIB’s burn numbers are also impressive, as total supply is significantly higher than most projects.


Since its launch, Tamadoge has enjoyed great success. This play-to-earn model implements NFT technology that allows investors to own pets within the Tamaverse. Investors can even pit NFTs against other investors. Despite being a memetic token, the developer has packed utility into his TAMA. The same team plans to build Native His Metaverse, and analysts expect the venture to boost Gyokudoumo’s future growth.

At the end

Current market conditions provide an excellent entry point for investors to build their investments. portfolio Strengthen your current position. As a result, Uniglo provided an excellent investment opportunity ahead of the Burn Proposal. Now that the proposal has been passed, Uniglo offers an unparalleled economic opportunity.

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