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CVS Health Launches New Virtual Primary Care Platform

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CVS Health Announces New Virtual Primary Care Platform

What you need to know:

– – CVS health Its launch A new virtual primary care solution on a single digital platform for a more tuned consumer-centric healthcare experience.

– New offerings currently on sale to Aetna’s full insurance, self-insurance plan sponsors, and CVS Caremark clients will be valid for eligible Aetna members from January 1, 2023, and eligible CVS Caremark members during the second quarter. Will be. This complements Aetna’s virtual care strategy currently on the market.

CVS Health Virtual Primary Care Offering

It takes an average of 24 days to book a visit with your GP and an average waiting time of 48 days to meet a mental health provider in person. CVS Health Virtual Primary Care is designed to allow members to schedule timely virtual appointments with their care team. CVS Health Virtual Primary Care gives members virtual access to primary care, on-demand care, chronic condition management, and mental health services. You can also meet in person if needed at an in-network provider such as MinuteClinic. Virtual primary care providers can also help members identify professionals in the appropriate network and healthcare providers in other networks, if desired.

Members-Selected Physician-led Care Team

CVS Health Virtual Primary Care features a member-selected, physician-led care team consisting of nurse practitioners, registered nurses, and licensed vocational nurses, easily accessible through the platform. The care team will consult with a dedicated CVS pharmacist as needed to provide dosing management opportunities. CVS Health Virtual Primary Care also uses interoperable electronic health records. This helps members move between virtual and face-to-face care, and clinical data can also be shared with other providers. A comprehensive view of data and care activities allows providers to deliver personalized health alerts to help fill gaps in care and maintain good health.

Benefits for Aetna and Caremark members

With the introduction of CVS Health Virtual Primary Care, Aetna offers plan sponsors more privilege options to meet the evolving needs of their members. In addition, Caremark members will have access to solutions that give them access to more CVS Health services and features. CVS Health Virtual Primary Care combines medical services, coordinated care teams, and clinical data into a single digital platform to ensure that all members receive health guidance. Care coordination It leads them to clinically appropriate care at the lowest cost.

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