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“Conquest of the Skies” lets you see nature with new eyes

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Meta’s latest film, Conquest of the Skies, takes you into a world of insects and birds that only VR can.

Meta has done it again. The new film showcases the splendor and beauty of nature, its majesty and cruelty, inevitably causing shivers and goosebumps.

conquest of the sky If the meta hasn’t already indicated what it is, it has an unparalleled visual punch A VR nature movie should look like A kingdom of micromonsters and plants.if you own Meta Quest 2 (Review)you must have seen these three documentaries written by the noted naturalist Sir David Attenborough.

Like its predecessor, Conquest of the Skies is based on the old documentary of the same name shot for 3D TV.production house alchemy immersive meta and prepared it for virtual reality with technical finesse.

The results are impressive. Nowhere else can you see insects and birds at such close distance, scale and detail as in a VR headset.

Conquest of the skies: three phases

Conquest of the Skies consists of three episodes spanning 320 million years of evolution, Development of flying organismsThe first episode “Vanguard” the oldest species of this species: Dragonflies, butterflies, blowflies. Witness transformations, graceful butterfly wings, and insane flying skills.

The second episode “Rivals” is the appearance of dinosaurs and first flying lizard, gradually taking air from insects. This episode relies mostly on his passable 3D animations, not as impressive as the live-action film.


The third and final episode “Victors” A creature with feathers. Baby pheasants, hummingbirds, and snowy owls are used for nocturnal hunting to document their developmental stages. Sitting in a bush, shrunk to the size of a mouse, watching an owl with glassy black eyes and outstretched claws gently swoop down on you from the shadows of the night, a graceful animal with completely different eyes can be seen.

Watch Conquest of the Skies in the best quality

As director Louis Ball puts it, Conquest of the Skies is a visually stunning testament to nature that not only dazzles the senses, but educates, informs, and enlightens. Interview on the Oculus BlogIt follows the eponymous ‘conqueror of the skies’ through three epochs of prehistoric times, demonstrating the incredible evolutionary survival strategies.

There’s no reason not to check out Conquest of the Skies.unless you Scared of bugs, lizards, and snakes.

So not only can you watch Conquest of the Skies in MetaQuest 1 & 2, Metaquest Pro (review):

  • Open MetaQuest TV. If you can’t find the VR movie directly in your selection, type: David Attenborough in the search window. Scroll through the search results until you find your VR movie.
  • To view in the highest possible quality, please follow these steps: Click the three dots in the image to Save in high quality first cacheYou may be asked to allow caching.
  • If you did everything right, the movie will download in the best possible quality. This version has a higher resolution than the streaming version.
  • After the download is complete, your media on Metaquest TV.After downloading, the episode will appear under this cached media.
  • To remove an episode from your device, click the three dots again[削除]Choose. from after caching erase.
  • Or add a VR movie. Watchlist via browser.

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