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Can Pakistan’s gaming industry move on from ‘copy-paste’? – Pakistan

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Gaming is still seen as entertainment in Pakistan, making fun of children who waste time on mobile phones. However, according to Fortune Business Insights, the global gaming market as an industry is expected to reach $546 billion by 2028.

Pakistan has a mobile-first gaming market. In other words, the primary mode of consumption for games is mobile phones, not consoles, computers, or virtual reality. According to Intenta Digital, mobile gaming is expected to generate $171.3 million in 2022.

Pakistan’s gaming industry aims to create apps for mobile phones. He Shehmir Riaz Bhatti, his engineer at the game, who is working on the development of his poker Texas Hold’em at the Chinese company, said:

“Pakistan is definitely growing, but our workforce is not top-notch. There are few big game companies like Call of Duty. [owned by Activision Blizzard]all of them have one or two branches in India whereas they are present in Pakistan,” he said.

Metaverse and VR ventures could pave new avenues for local game studios, experts say

He lamented that major game studios in Pakistan assign popular games to teams with only one challenge: changing the user interface and model and incorporating as much advertising as possible.

He added that while significant investments have been made to market the game to ensure downloads, no effort has been made to develop its own product.

Advertising revenue from downloads accrues to publishers. Therefore, their interest is not in innovation or creativity, but in making quick money by cloning popular games.

Additionally, lack of access to capital cripple developers who want to work with passion and ingenuity.

Big ticket, multiplayer, complex strategy and Battlefield games require millions of dollars of investment and years of development time.On the other hand, cloned hyper-casual [short, lightweight, instantly playable] A game can be made in a week at a cost of $2,000 to $4,000.

But Bhatti added that even hyper-casual games lack creative thinking.

“Think of popular games such as Subway Surfers and Temple Run. Pakistan has not developed such titles, but all other game companies have created parking games. Pakistani talent is so poorly represented, why are international companies attracted to Pakistani talent?” he asked.

From mobile apps to meta

But while Pakistan is focused on hyper-casual games, it’s heading towards a more progressive frontier.

Warda Rashid Khan, Producer at Lahore-based Technology Studio Big Immersive, said:

“We have a lot of intellectual property under Virtua, like Godzilla vs Kong and Top Gun. These brands give Virtua exclusive rights to create NFTs and publish them on Virtua.” said Khan.

Her job is to get the necessary information from brands and assess whether they can create products that are integrated into the Virtua ecosystem apart from the marketplace. There are three types of her applications: mobile her app, desktop and virtual reality (VR), where users interact with her NFTs.

Integrating the metaverse into the gaming community allows Pakistan to break out of the mobile gaming niche and create space in the metaverse. This is an opportunity that some companies are already taking advantage of. Khan said Pakistan will play a key role in the Metaverse within the next five years.

training ground

The gaming industry is also facing a shortage of trained workforce, including developers and designers.

“Pakistan produces about 20,000 IT graduates each year, most of whom work in software houses,” said Samar Hasan, co-founder of Epiphany Games.

“Most universities don’t have the right degree programs or even courses for game development, so the skill set is lacking. We are doing it,” Hasan says.

“Universities need to encourage people to consider this career option, not just push people into the conventional stream,” says Khan. Mr. Kahn started his career at his house of software, before doing freelance work at Fiverr and eventually becoming a full-time producer.

However, she said the game development industry “mainly based in Lahore” is now growing and is now opening up. It impedes the sharing of knowledge that is essential to enable them to grow

She reasoned that whenever new technology is introduced, such as VR, the metaverse, artificial intelligence, and NFTs, games are the first to experiment with it. The technology’s potential is evaluated through its implementation in games.

“If an industry acts as a training ground for new technologies, why not see how important that particular industry is?” Khan wondered.

Published at dawn on November 6, 2022

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